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Hemp Spiced Latte

If you have not had hemp or hemp milk it is very good, yet different. Hemps seeds are highly nutritious, a healthy fat, full of iron, great source of Omega ...

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Goji Cacao Tea Elixir

I had a class this past week at Whole Foods, it was called “Turn up the Heat” I shared 2 warm superfood drinks, and one warm raw soup. I am ...


Pumpkin Chia Coconut Smoothie

Its Fall!!! Hello crisp in the air and football season. Although my NY Giants are not doing so hot there is still time to recover :). All this talk about ...

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Cleanse

We all see so many cleanses on facebook, groupon, and blogs. Many ...

Advice to the Entrepreneur Mom

and any other mom that understands. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. ...

Superfood series: Maca and Cacao

Maca and Cacao can go together like nut butter and jelly or ...

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In a Funk? How I get out of it.

Part of reaching your goals whether it be nutrition or business, you have to stay the course, have motivation and show up each day. It can be hard and sometimes I find myself in a funk. I am not a personality type, nor was I raised to be idle for long. It can be a […]

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Music Monday

I originally saw this from the San Fransisco Globe online page.  What an amazing show of how music connects and brings us all together.   I hope you enjoy, it brought tears to my eyes. Imagine how good those men felt when they walked away      

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Superfood Series: Spirulina

Again, I know a broken record, we use this everyday, it is in our smoothies raw chocolate and I have even put it on my salad. We love it! It is a true superfood multi vitamin that provides more nutrition than we know about at this time. This sea vegetable is full of minerals, iodine, […]

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Music Monday

I have always been a country music lover, when I met my husband I introduced him to country and he introduced me to great instrumental music.  This beautiful music is now great with two kids. Before dinner it is nice to have a calm sound to get the kids settled down.  Fingerdance by Billy McLaughlin […]

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I Dig Customer Service

Who doesn’t? Poor customer service will kill a business and with social media it spreads like wildfire. I am going to give a shout out to positive customer service and hope it grows like a happy positive wildfire. ( are wildfires positive? You know what I mean) I am not a bread eater, it’s not […]

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Superfood Series: Bee Pollen

( newsletter Post) We go through Bee Pollen like we do Goji Berries, it is Ians favorite part of his smoothie and I can even get Addi to eat it, which is odd cause she is picky, but I roll with it! I am very fascinated with bees and what they produce, honey, bee pollen […]

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Music Monday

Friday Night We love jamming out to this song in the car and through Spotify. It has hit #1 in Febuary by country radio and has been on the charts for 24 weeks. I love when a song can make you think and picture the place or feeling. Friday Night surely does that. Enjoy  

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Superfood Series: Goji Berries

Goji Berries There are very few times that I do not have Goji Berries in my home. These super amazing power fruits are wonderful for your libido, your eyes, your immune system… pretty much your whole body! They are a main focus of my 21 Day Signature Cleanse and something I want my clients eating […]

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Music Monday

I am grateful in what I do to have met  those  who are very talented in singing, acting and songwriting. I get so excited when they see success and do well.  I am a music lover of all types but I love country the most.  Tebey has written hits for many artists and has a […]

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Songs we love

This is really a music Monday post but why not have it on Thursday 🙂 I Hold On. Of course you have heard of it if you listen to country! My music these days usually revolves around my kids and what they feel like listening to. We can be one extreme to another 🙂 We […]

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