Why do Celebrities get Colonics? Why Should You?

You may have heard that celebrities are getting colonics maybe you have seen one on a reality show?  WHY? Colon Hydrotherapy is a quick and easy way to get an instant non surgical makeover. The water that is not released durning the session is often obsorbed into the body allowing for instant hydration that can be seen through the face and skin.  When getting a colonic you are doing a very effective cleanse, many toxins are released and that can also have an instant effect on the whites of your eyes, and also how loose your pants feel.

This article on Lumina.com sums it up…..”Colon Cleansing Celebrity Style” by Selma Yalazie

Did you know that the average person that is not overweight may have between 10-25 pounds of dried up fecal matter in their colon? A procedure called colonics can get rid of the toxins and improve your health. Although not recommended by some doctors, colon cleansing has become all the rage among celebrities in Tinsletown. Us reports that stars Ben Affleck, Courney Love, Andie Macdowell, Janet Jackson, Cindy Crawford, Alicia Silverstone, and Liv Tyler have visited a colonic center. One of the most popular escapes for celebrities who want to cleanse their colons is the We Care Holistic Health Centre in Palm Springs, Calif.  With a price tag of at least $2,500 a week, the spa offers cleansing during three-, five- or eight-day retreats where participants consume only liquid. Then, daily colonic irrigation ensures maximum weight loss. It’s a quick way to lose weight, one regular (no pun intended) said, and not a bad “weekend getaway.” Recently, Paris Hilton was spotted visiting one of these centers.

Colon Hydrotherapy can be most beneficial in helping to restore good health by:

o The prevention of illness
o Improved physical appearance.
o A boost in emotional well-being
o A sharpening of mental capabilities.
o An enhancement in digestion
o The elimination of unhealthy food addictions & allergies.
o The attainment of ideal weight
o A minimizing of the effects of aging.

Single therapy treatments vary, but on average a session ranges approximately $55 to $95. The typical office visit will last 1 hour, of which 45 minutes is actual colon hydrotherapy treatment and a typically three sessions within approximately a 7 to 10 day time period is recommended.


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Author:Sarah Moore


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