What to ask when hiring a Colon Hydrotherapist.

So you have decided you are going to take the big step and get a “colonic” Where do you start?  Maybe you have a friend that went first and they can recommend someone for you, or if you are the first then you are out on a limb searching and asking yourself.  I was that out on a limb, first timer. I had read many books that said colonics are great and they aid in so many things, and are great to do when cleansing or detoxing, but where did I start.

I went to google and I searched and looked and to this day I can’t find the site I read but it gave me as a first timer some awesome questions. Here is what I recommend you think about first

1.  How much money do I have to invest in my health and colonics?

2. Do I prefer a man or a woman, or does it matter? ( it didn’t matter to me)

3. Will they let me bring support staff? (friends, spouse, family)  🙂

After you have figured those questions out… start your search.  Go to Google, Ask a local chiropractor (if you have one) search social media sites like Twitter, and Facebook.  Then make the call.


1.   How long are your sessions? or how long do you keep me on the table? A good answer would be 45-60 min, every time. Not just the first session being longer, cause you have the get to know you before hand.

2. How many tanks of water do you use? A good answer would be 4-5 tanks of a 5 gallon tank.  This indicates how much filtered water that will be flowing through your colon. This will be what works to soften what is compacted to your colon wall and also what carries out the feces ready to go.

3.  Is the therapist there the whole time or am I alone during the process? Some machines in a sense run themselves and are a glorified enema, although you are still getting a great benefit from this method, it is not quite what you are going to get from a colonic.  Me personally will keep a client on the table for 5 tanks of water as long as they are comfortable. IF we are going through the 5th tank and they continue to release I will continue the colonic to aid in getting out as much as possible.  I am also there for the whole session, and watch what is being release to help get the most out.

4. Price? This is a tricky one.  It is hard to put a price on someones time, experience knowledge and passion.  You may pay more to get a hair cut then what is down the road, but you know it will be done right and you are comfortable with them. You also know it is worth to you whatever price you pay.  I currently charge less for what is around here. I will raise my prices, but I also out reach to a lot of chiropractors and doctors and I know you are making an investment with them and still making that one with me. I also know that you will get more of a benefit with multiple sessions, so I offer package discounts, and so do most therapist.

I will say I think a lot of the higher prices come from supporting their overhead not because they offer more of a service.  It is a fancy office that offers more than just colonics.  Either way what you are comfortable with just make sure the above is what you get. A good session on the table, a lot of water going through your colon, and someone that has a “bedside” manner that you enjoy. They talk if you want to talk or they are quite and let you relax.

If in doubt go see them before you pay them…. you will know.  Let me know if you have any questions!



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Author:Sarah Moore


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