Where to start when getting healthy???



There is information everywhere on how to get healthy, lose weight, how to exercise. It can all be so OVERWHELMING. I know my journey although short, has led me down different paths, and I continually have things to learn, and are learning.  I started as a young girl taking over the counter appetite suppressants, thinking I ate too much. I couldn’t ever not eat, or make myself throw up, so I thought well this should work… yeah right, and my mom found them… very disappointing. So then I went on the Low Fat kick in high school where I ate and read labels till I could memorize them all, even McDonald’s nutrition lables (yuck). At any rate, I went to college, and well I was in college. I wasn’t a beer drinker but I was a “small bank account kid” and I did have the “college meal card” (yuck).  So at any rate I found myself, in college and also working as a personal trainer, and eating 6 meals a day similar to the “body for life” lifestyle, which I also passed on to my clients, it was a great way to start and get out of the mind frame of “starving yourself” to lose weight. Well, today, my awareness, education, experience has taken me to a whole new road that i have been doing now for over 3 years. The road of preventative nutrition and getting healthy from the inside, as that can solve… all problems.  Below is my advice and hopefully information that can help.

1. When do you want to start? Getting started is the hardest! With anything, new job, exercise, relationships, and GETTING HEALTHY.  Make up your mind, and use the determination that you have to make you successful in other areas, to make you a success here. REMEMBER this is YOUR health,YOUR life, and how YOU are going to feel everyday when YOU wake up! There will be moments of weakness, times you “fall off the wagon” and days where it is just hard. Please do not make excuses, accept these, learn and pick back up.

2. Decide if you are ready and that you can be successful. what I am going to talk about will help you lose weight, get off prescription drugs, over the counter medicine, and make you a happy person. ARE YOU READY? I know seems like a silly question, but people I know define themselves by their ailments. They post about their sickness on Facebook, it’s the first thing they talk about at the “office” and I honestly wander what they would do if they were just healthy all the time? So this is a serious question!

3. Find your support team, and advice you TRUST. This means dont ask 802 people their opinion, or read all the magazines on the stand. Find a health practitioner you know has it all together. A chiropractor, natural health doctor, colon hydrotherapist 🙂  etc.  Read a book you know someone who lives like you want to live,read.  There is so much information out there it can become overwhelming and frustrating. Having a support staff of someone who is successful is the best way to go. it is like the saying “you want to be rich, put yourself around rich people and do what they do” same thing here.  You may think it is good to find a friend that wants to get healthy and start with them, but sometimes that can slow you down, you let each others excuses slow you down.

4. This is not an overnight thing… it is the rest of your life! Getting healthy from the inside is not taking a pill, it is not an overnight process it is a path of education recognition and implementing. You will not always eat this way 100% of the time (some will ) You will be around others that think you are crazy, or you will not have acess to the best at all times. But believe me when you start feeling better there is no going back…. So lets start.

5. Loose what you used to think was right.   It is not about low carb or no carb, fat or fat free, or counting calories. It is about choosing the RIGHT food, and then eating it… yes… JUST EAT. When we fuel our body with the right food, our body uses it, all over.  So we can eat alot of good healthy FATS, coconut oil, raw almonds, cashews,real butter, olive oil, avacados etc. Our body stores fat because we never give it fat, so guess what, we can loose fat, if we give our body the right fat. You will not go over board. When you are getting the right food you aren’t eating all the time. Wrong fuel in our car… our car doesnt work. Same with our body. We are feeding our body crap, and guess what we are sick, have allergies, headaches, no immune system, and our believing the swine flu is out to get us. Not what I want to focus on!

6. Budget. A large reason people tell me they can’t eat healthy or organic is because it is to expensive.  Really? I mean when I shop it gets expensive cause it might mean I am buying organic crackers or organic cereal. yeah that does get more expensive, but that is not on the get healthy plan. ( i know I said I bought it, this isn’t about me, its about you) If we are sticking to our veggies, fruits and good non processed grains we can usually come in where are boxed, microwaved meals were at.  We can anticipate our organic meats, and dairy being more expensive, but those two items there are the most important to get organic! I personally do not eat a lot of meat, nor do I buy dairy except for the occasional organic yogurt. I stick with rice almond or coconut milk, not a big cheese eater, and usually only eat salmon. The problem with the food most of us are eating is that is it processed, with additives and preservatives. Our bodies are not designed to filter that JUNK, so if it isnt’ getting filtered it is getting stored, and stuck in our bodies, our guts, and then turned into toxic yuck, that gives us all the ailments I mentioned above, and then CVS and Walgreens are on our errands list when they dont have to be.

7. Wrap up…  Ok so I have rattled on above and made you think what is your point. Well my point is I WANT YOU to live for a long time, worry about other things beside what medications you are going to take or when the next allergy bug is going to hit you. I want YOU to be positive and be able to have a clear mind to handle challenges as they arise, and be an awesome freind wife, husband parent to all you come in contact with. You may get sick or have a bug but it won’t slow you down. You are creating a body that will heal itself, and will work for you.

– Get ready to start

– Find foods on the list below you like ONLY buy those. do not have all the other junk in your home…YOU WILL EAT IT.

– If you want to make excuses, or you are arguing with what I wrote above.. keep doing what you were doing… you aren’t ready and if you constantly blame your spouse kids etc, you will never be successful. So continue down your own path… what I write is not for you . If you enjoy how you are eating now to much, then enjoy how it makes you feel. I am just offering a solution to feeling better and not getting sick.

– GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. You will slip up and some days will be harder than others. Remember your good days and just work to duplicate those.

– As you tackle one thing, take on another. Have the eating down, start exercising more, get those down, talk to your trusted doctor about when you can get off your meds, get off meds, think about the next hurdle? Like changing your cosmetics to more body friendly things… if you haven’t already maybe you have eliminated the TOXIC people in your life that are making you negative or that seem to steal the sunshine you have created for yourself on a rainy day. That can be the hardest of ALL…

– Replace the things you are doing that you spend your money on, (if you are on a budget) like getting your nails and toes down with adding a good probiotic to your diet, or seeing your lovely colon hydrotherapist, go to a chiropractor, get a good deep tissue massage. Buy a little trampoline and jump on it at home, BEST CELLULAR EXERSICE YOU CAN DO! All the above will start to wake up your body and your cells so they can start absorbing all the good nutrition you are giving it. Of course I think a clean colon is the best place to start but I want you to start some where.

Have questions???  http://www.ColonicsWork.com send me an email !

Asparagus Bell Peppers Broccoli
Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower
Celery Collard greens Cucumber
Eggplant Garlic Ginger root
Grasses (wheat and barley) Green beans Green lettuces
Heart of palm Kale Mushrooms
Mustard greens Olives Onions
Parsley Radishes Snow peas
Spinach Sprouts Sea Vegetables
Water Chestnuts
Blackberries Blueberries Cherries
Raspberries Strawberries Apples
Lemon Lime Grapefruit
Almonds Pecans Cashews
Walnuts Macadamia nuts Brazil nuts
Pine nuts Pumpkin Seeds Flaxseeds
Hempseeds Chia seeds NO peanuts (biotoxic and high omega-6)

Ghee Butter Coconut Oil
Grapeseed Oil Olive Oil Flaxseed Oil
Hempseed Oil Pumpkin Seed Oil Borage Oil(GLA)
Fish Oil Cod Liver Oil(GLA) Avocado Oil
Sesame Oil(GLA)

Sea Salt (Celtic, Himalayan, or sea) Apple cider vinegar Balsamic vinegar
Salsa Guacamole Hummus
Mustard Organic flavorings (vanilla, almond, etc.) Vegenaise w/ grapeseed oil
Cocoa and Carob Herbs and spices (basil, rosemary, curry, cinnamon, etc.)s Soy sauce (wheat free), Braggs liquid amino’s

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Author:Sarah Moore


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2 Comments on “Where to start when getting healthy???”

  1. April 10, 2010 at 9:05 am #

    Great overview of the healthy lifestyle I’ve been learning to live in the last year. It makes a huge difference to focus on raw-as-possible foods that don’t have preservatives, pesticides, or additives. And getting rid of toxins–AMEN! Love the idea of including TOXIC PEOPLE in the list. I’ve been hunting for people of grace to spend time with. Lovely way to live.

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