colonics and it’s clients

As a fairly new colon hydrotherapist (3 years) I always have this inner expectation of how I want a first time client session to go. I want them to get tons of poop out. I want them to be wowed in amazement by how much poop is actually stored in their colon.  Sometimes that happens, other times…. not so much. I had a first timer a week ago that got nothing out but gas and water leaked everywhere… why you may ask?? I don’t know.  everyone is different. her next session may yield a large amount of waste and not leak at all.  Although she seemed to be fine with the session I often wander if they have an inner disappointment that there was not a lot released.

On the other hand if someone has a great first session and does not understand the amount of waste that is trapped in their colon then they may say to me 3 or more times… “wow I must really be cleaned out”.  I try to break it to them gently we could still get a lot out in more sessions ( like 100 more sessions). I try to not project my inner feelings or expectations on the client.  It weighs me down and it can discourage them.  So bottom line I just let the water go in and what comes out is exciting for both of us.  🙂


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Author:Sarah Moore

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