Guest Blog Post on Broccoli Cupcake’s Blog: “Is Poop a Four Letter Word?”

I recently wrote this entry for broccoli cupcake. I recently started following her through twitter @broccolicupcake and reached out when she asked for a guest post from a health expert.   Below is how it went down 🙂   I hope you enjoy!

Is “poop” a four letter word?

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Colonics, Colon Hydrotherapy, Irrigating the Colon, what is it all about?
Guest post by Sarah Moore – Colon Hydrotherapist

I bet everyone has one friend that has had a colonic and they may never know it. Talking about “poop” and constipation is not usually a topic among friends, unless you are a friend of mine. When I have a friend say they have any symptom I ask, “When is the last time you went to the bathroom”? Nine times out of ten it wasn’t that day. Therein lies the problem, constipation is a symptom of, I would say, 95% of all Americans. It can cause headaches, trouble losing weight, back pain, gas, body odor, bad breath, sinus problems, hormone imbalance, depression and the list goes on.

A colonic can be a perfect first step to relief. Instantly after a session you will feel better. Some clients have said, they feel taller, less bloated, have a clearer mind, and a fresher face.

So, how is a colonic beneficial?

Over many years we have been building waste in our colon and it begins to become compacted to the colon wall. When this happens it prevents proper absorption of nutrients from food and vitamins. When we begin to clean the gut we begin to allow our intestines to start absorbing any vitamins we are taking in, we also allow the food we are eating to work for us, (assuming we are eating fruits and veggies).

Examine what medicines you are taking and see how many list constipation as a side effect. Now think about the first time you took one of those? Boom…that’s where it all began. At the time the medication was beneficial (hopefully), but if not followed up with a “corrective” plan, it killed our bad bacteria and our good bacteria, which is there to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and fight off further illness. The uncomfortable feeling of constipation came a long time ago, but we dismiss going only once a day, every other day or once a week, to focus on other issues with our health. At some point it cannot be ignored and you begin to have a symptom from the first paragraph and you realize how many times you visit the toilet is an issue.

You want a colonic, but where do you start?

I would start by asking your chiropractor or wellness physician. I would also ask a friend, you never know who has had one. Set up your budget and how much you have to spend. When you start to call around a few questions are good to ask to get the most benefit for your health and budget.

1. How much is a session? They can range from $65-$90 a session
2. How long am I on the table? You want them to say 45 min to an hour. Unfortunately they might say 35 min and for me that is not enough time, it is like a glorified enema, and I do not want to pay $90 for that. I want the water to work for me.
3. How much water will be used during a session? I use 5 5-gallon tanks of warm filtered water, which allows for usually two large releases and quite a bit of gas. The time question will give you an idea of how much water is being used.
4. See how you feel after talking to them on the phone. Like any personal service; hair, massage, chiropractor, there are a lot of great practitioners but you find the one you are comfortable with and enjoy being around. With a colonic it is no different, you are making an investment in your health and you need to enjoy who is sharing it with you.

What to expect from the appointment. (Warning: We’re being real here.)

All right, they answered all the questions right, you set an appointment and you are ready to go. Maybe you go by yourself, have a friend with you or even bolder your husband/boyfriend (I had my first session with my husband, he’s a keeper) ? to go with you. When you arrive you may be asked to fill out an intake form. Answer what you feel comfortable with, as a therapist their job is to simply irrigate the colon, they are not doctors and are not allowed to diagnosis treat or cure. As a therapist they cannot tell you how backed up you are or how many sessions it will take to get you cleaned out, everyone is different. They can help you figure out on your own how backed up you may be by discussing your lifestyle habits and various factors that may have gotten you to their office. The hydrotherapist is there to introduce you to a very beneficial and awesome procedure and help you walk on this journey to a better you.

When you start the procedure you may be wearing a gown or just asked to remove your pants and place a towel over you as you lay on a massage table. A disposable scope is inserted into the rectum and warm filtered water begins to enter the colon to start to get the “poop” out. One session can yield 5-10 bowel movements. WOW! Yes 5-10. During the session you may want to pick your therapist brain. Ask about your colon, ask how and why she became a therapist, how her first session was. You may not want to talk, but I have found it eases the nerves and also allows you to grow your knowledge of preventative medicine and realize everyone started somewhere.

Once the session has ended the scope will be removed and you will immediately want to sit on the toilet. At this time you will release extra water and possibly a lot more poop, multiple flushes is normal and you may need a little air freshener ?. I recommend when the client feels comfortable, to get dressed, walk around for a second to see if you may have to go again. You want to make sure you do not have any urges on your way home.

Now you have successfully had your first colonic and are certain to feel better.

Now what?

It is good to purchase 3-5 sessions and use them close together. It is also not a bad idea to get on a good probiotic and a multi vitamin. The probiotic will begin to restore the healthy flora and bacteria back into the intestines. This is what maintains a healthy colon and will aid in building your immune system and continue to keep you regular. One session will not solve all problems, but it will be one of the best first steps you can take to get your body back on the right track. As you continue to make positive choices what you put in your mouth is what will dictate how successful you are. Keep working hard, believe in yourself, and see the “You” you want to be, and it will fall into place.

About the Author:
This article was written by guest contributor and Colon Hydrotherapist, Sarah Moore. Sarah is 28 year old wife and mother of two home-birthed all natural kids. She graduated from MTSU where she worked as a personal trainer at Gold’s gym. That is where her passion for health began. When Sarah met her husband her focus shifted from the outside to the inside and correcting her past food, medicine and health choices. She has been a certified colon hydrotherapist for 3 years and finds it harder to change a poopy diaper than give a colonic. Sarah lives in a log cabin in Thompson Station, this is where her home office is and where the magic of colon irrigation takes place. You can learn more about Sarah and Colonics at<!–em>


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    I like it when people come together and share views.
    Great site, keep it up!


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