Letting our kids swim with out a life jacket!

As every mother knows stay at home or not you feel this heavy burden to make all the right choices for your family and to make it all work!

Here is my thought and something I wander about? Is it uneducation or what, but why do more mothers not care about what they put in their children’s mouth? HotDogs, McDonald’s, fried food etc. We all know it is bad why do we give it to them.  We wouldn’t let them swim with out a life jacket why would we not give them the education on food that makes them healthy and not sick, not on medications etc….

My parents are great and were great, but they did somethings that I now, do not agree with. We had to drink dairy milk everyday, we ate any kind of meat. Good thing we hardly were given fast food, or pop. But I think it is also not having the education and the needs to make the right choices. unfortunately it is lack of care and laziness. I may take some crap for this and I by all means am not perfect (for my standards) but I do know it is a daily focus and takes a lot of time to make sure my children are given the best opportunity for good health.  breastfeeding, no meat for my daughter, home birth, weekly chiropractic visits, organic foods, watch the lotions and bath items I use so they are non toxic. Non toxic dish liquid and laundry detergent.

All the above are not easy and I do my best to make sure they happen daily (of course the breastfeeding, my sons only form of food). BUT why are these changes not made for adults and for our children. Why is it just accepted as norm to fill our bodies with CRAP and go on…

I heard it said we spend 50% of our life chasing wealth and ignoring our health and the second half using our wealth to get back our health… Very sad.  Again I am not angel and I have to work everyday to educate myself on what is best for me and my family, but I work on at it like I work at growing my business and work at being a better person, and work at being a better wife.

Lets do our children a favor and not let them have illness and issues because of what we feed them. We as parents are in control whether we believe it or not. Lets roll up our sleeves get to work and keep our kids healthy! it can be DONE!!! lets put their life jackets back on!


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Categories: Soap Box

Author:Sarah Moore


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