I give him the credit…

You will not find many times that I talk about my husband in my blog, and you will NEVER hear me talk negatively about my husband…if we have problems we will talk to each other.  BUT this blog is a shout out to him.

As it was 8pm and we were leaving Cool Springs, addison is “fake crying” and Charlie is crying to sleep I thought WOW, it is 8 o clock and we are leaving, my soon to be new business location that my husband is working on in his free time for me, that is love. I know he is tired I know he doesn’t have a lot of free time, and I know he owes the midwife for our sons birth that we could not pay for. and he is going to continue to work on this in his non paying hours for me to follow my passion of health and helping others.

He started to discuss a client that was having a baby and she asked how are kids were and how the birth was, and ian replied well we had a homebirth, She said was there a nurse or a doctor to give an epidural? It made me think… wow… some people believe that is the only way. It also made me think and this I said ” maybe I was to dumb to know any better” I hadn’t thought about having children all my life or how I would do it or how the process would be.  I met Ian and when we started talking about kids he mentioned a mid wife and a waterbirth. HE had read about it before we had met because some friends had a waterbirth (he grew up in VT). he said it just made sense that a child come into a world with low light, be given to their mother for bonding and it be as “natural” as possible. Would I have gone this way if I hadnt’ met him? I do not know… but what I do know is I was given the best opportunity to have the best birth ever.

Now was it peaceful and like the European births we saw on tapes in the water? HA NO WAY! do I want to relive the experience again? NO way. But I will say is I am so grateful and so filled with love in my heart that I was given the opportunity and support by my husband to have an all natural home birth for both of my children. My mother was there, my awesome midwife heather and my husband ( oh and Talitha, heathers midwife asst).

I encourage anyone that is in good health and mind to GO FOR IT. Take the opportunity with your first to go as natural as you can…. YOU DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! We owe it to our children, it is not about us its about the awesome person our body is creating, and although addison and charlie cant thank me, one day they will…. but until then I thank my husband Ian for having me think outside the box and outside myself! I love you!!


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Author:Sarah Moore


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