Health and Social Media

Wow the resources out now for health… where did they all come from.  I myself could say I am one of those resources. If you have a passion for health I am sure there are thousands of blogs a day with new information, new tweets every second, and almost daily a new “healthy” fan page on facebook. Is this good or bad?  As a small business owner with little or no capital it is great. Free resources for advertising and putting yourself out there. A new great way to connect with other people in your same industry that are like minded and doing things that you can then do.

I guess my only thought is are we all qualified to give out our information and who is really qualified, right? It is like advice I always gave clients when I was a personal trainer, if you buy a fitness magazine expecting that one section on how to get skinny to work for you when you just started working out, it is not going to happen! Yes they do pick good pictures that motivate you and inspire us to dream. BUT was that girl ever you? was she ever heavy or overweight? Does she have a trainer etc… How do we know.

Most people who seem to go the natural path a big story to give credibility or relate. I often wander, if you didn’t get so sick what would you have done? Would you have continued doing what you were doing? Would you have got into natural medicine anyway? It is all very intersting and we all get to put it out there through our social media networks.

What I do know is this I am grateful for the information and I am grateful there is now more of a resource than the library and are local physician. We are now able to find these people like, Mercola, Weil, David Wolfe, Dr. Oz and keep up to date on what they are thinking new ideas and as we grow we can grow with who we follow, become a fan of, or read. I also hope I become one of those people, someone passing along information giving you ways to keep yourself accountable and inspiring you to be HEALTHY!


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Author:Sarah Moore

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