Caring for our health, through the decades…

When I first got pregnant with my now 2 year old Addison, my parents were super excited. I was their baby giving them their first grand-baby.  Well when I said I was going to have mid wife and a home-birth many questions were asked by my mom and dad. Is there a doctor? Do you go to the hospital? Why? I remember hearing the disappointment in my dad’s voice as I was pulling into J Alexanders parking lot and he said, I just think hospitals have came a long way for a reason, its not just about the baby I do not want you to get hurt.

I felt like I had disappointed him, but I was too strong in what my husband and I had agreed would be best for me and our child. From that I have began to think about the generations and what they believe.  And with this understanding it makes it easier to do my job and be around all of my family.

My grandparents are in their 80’s and still going strong, kinda. They trust doctors ALOT, they didn’t have them or the access to them as much as we do now, they are glad to have the convience of the doctor and trust that it is not like it was for them, for the most part.

BUT here is what I notice: My grandpa just had his gallbladder taken out in his 80’s my dad already has his out (50s) and I have a friend that just got hers out (20s) Now I know everyone’s situation is different, but why is that?  Think about how are grandparents ate most of their life. They grew gardens or got food from their neighbor, they drank cows milk from the bulk tank, and really had no fast food. They weren’t required to get shot up the first 18 yrs of their life and they lived off each other and the land. Most of their problems began as things became more “convenient”

Now my parents. I will begin by saying they are the greatest ever and this is no way intended to be ungrateful to them. I am writing this blog because of how awesome they are and how they raised me. OK Like I said my dad already has his gallbladder out. I asked him what that meant. I mean why would a body part that serves a function just be taken out? He said well my stomach was hurting, nothing was wrong with my gallbladder yet but they went ahead and took it out. I said well what are you suppose to do now? well I take antacids before I eat.  Did anyone tell him there is a simple gallbladder cleanse you can do at home that helps you pass gallstones? Did anyone tell him you could cleanse you body? Nah, lets just take it out, it really didn’t serve a purpose…..

BUT HERE IS WHAT I NOTICE: In the words of Dr Josh Axe: “Americans spend 50% of their life chasing their wealth and ignoring their health and the other %50 percent of their life using their wealth to take care of their health” SO true. My dad has a successful business, well known in the community, an awesome man. I just wish he were healthier. But he avoids the doctor but does whatever he says when he goes. Now my mother she is stubborn, (hmm where did I get it) a breast cancer survivor, and has a lot of talks with her daughter and has witnessed both of her home-births. She will question the doctor, say give me a month and if it isnt’ better I may listen to you. Now I said cancer survivor, No she doesn’t have cancer anymore but is her body still toxic and waiting for cancer to strike again?  Is she now feeling things that I believe aren’t because she is almost 60 but because her body is acidic and trying to deal with the fact it has radiation pumped in it for days ( i don’t own a microwave let alone have it put in me). BUT if like my dad said hospitals are better why are those his age getting body parts removed.. he should have 20 more years right?

Now to my age: We are just dang confused!  Do we do what are parents did? cause we think we turned out all right? But what about all the pills everyone is popping now. Depression, anxiety, all these CRAZY illnesses that are just being covered up by a pill. Infertility seems to be a normal thing and everywhere you turn you hear of a child becoming autistic due to shots (that don’t have mercury ?)

BUT here’s what I notice: My age wants a quick fix, they want whatever can “mask” the problem and not slow them down. Or better yet lets take these pills and sell them to our friends cause they make us feel good. Oh wait, that is those entering their 20s not leaving them like me 🙂 Most peoples lives are scheduled around being sick, going to the doctor, taking off work to watch the sick kids, feeling prescriptions, SERIOUSLY, not fun!  It doesn’t change unless you know someone like me that irrigates the colon and you feel comfortable saying, “hey Sarah I haven’t pooped for a month, why is that?” Or you are able to think outside the box for a moment and realize all this does not make sense. So my age uses drs and hospitals cause our parents did and are just plain scared to believe that our bodies are AWESOME and if taken care have great healing power.

**** I am not anti doctors or anti hospital I believe we should be given the correct information and be taught to respect our bodies.


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Author:Sarah Moore

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