Let us REvisit why someone should get a colonic.

As I have discussed before there are many reasons someone might get a colonic, but when I have a client come in and they say they talked to a friend and told them they were coming, I get all kinds of crazy things that are said.

“That takes all the good bacteria out of the colon”

“that flushes away all the nutrients out of your body”

“You become dependent on them to go to the bathroom”

“They will tear the lining of your colon”

Let me take a moment to review each one of those thoughts.

That Takes all the good bacteria out of your colon. Well, if someone is constipated,  and not going to the bathroom 3xs a day, The likelihood they have any good bacteria left in their colon is slim.  If we are filled with good bacteria out colon would most likely function properly and we would not need a colonic to get the compacted waste out of it.  Good bacteria is to exists to help the flora flourish and to fight of varies factors that cause our body dis ease.  When we take any sort of medication to kill the bad bacteria in our body (flu,cold etc) then we kill the good bacteria and that is where the problem begins (along with poor diet)

that flushes away all the nutrients out of your body Please refer to the above.  The average colon is filled with compacted waste. This waste is there because of poor diet, over use of pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs, and various environmental and toxic substances we are exposed to. Nutrients are not present to be absorbed.

You will become dependent on them to go to the bathroom. Quite the opposite. Gentle irrigation of the colon with filtered water will begin to have you eliminating waste. Through this elimination process we begin to exercise the colon and allow it to strengthen and start working for us. but if we continue to eat a poor diet and take medications we will continue to have the same outcome.

They will tear the lining of your colon. If there is problems with your colon it was present before the colonic. Unfortunatly the uneducated believe we are flushing water inside the colon like a wave crashes on the shore. That is not the case. Warm filtered water gently enters the colon, while inside it is soaking and removing waste when it exits.

Although me going over these few comments may not lead you into the door of a colon hydrotherpist it may give you a better understanding of why someone has chosen colon hydrotherapy to get them to optimal health.

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Author:Sarah Moore


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