Why Athletes and Celebrity Do and Should,Cleanse

and everyone else…

Cleansing, Detox, and Fasting are all becoming more common in our daily lives. Why? When you cleanse your goal is to get out toxins. Most toxins are held in our gut/colon we want those toxins out because they are running our bodies and our lives, in more ways than we know!

Headaches, weight gain, failure to loose weight, acne, depression, low sex drive, low energy, are all signs you need to cleanse.  Now in my opinion the best way to cleanse is through colon hydrotherapy then watching foods you eat (or don’t eat) and supplementation. If we begin by cleaning out the gut we give our food and supplementation a great place to land and plant roots and start to work for us.

Why Celebrities? Well, everyone should but who do most people follow and believe. I bet more people that watched Giuliana and Bill googled the word colonic after seeing it on their show then had before. Why were they talking about it? Giuliana is having fertility issues and her wonderful doctor told her that the positioning of her uterus might be off due to her colon being full, she had a colonic was able to remove waste and it was looking a lot better the next time.  Celebrities also get that when you are adding that much water to your body it begins to help your appearance and your skin look refreshed and this happens almost instantly after a session. Perfect before a photo shoot lets say?  And lets not mention there can be very vain reasons and that is you loose weight.

Athletes… Athletes have to take care of their body, it is their income, for most of them.  When they are injured it effects their career in many ways. When there is an injury often times things are done for rehab. These get the athlete back on their feet and working again. What about the athlete that is having inflammation issue, or is feeling a little sluggish and is not sure why? Did you know inflammation is toxicity in the body? When we can detox and cleanse our joints are not as inflamed and can begin to heal and repair and our body works for us again.  Rubbing cream will not solve the problem and there is only so much rehab one can do before they need to add another element into the rehab.  The problem with most athletes is that they eat fairly well considering the typical American diet so they do not notice most problems until later on in their career.

Weather you are an athlete, celebrity or a normal o Joe like me, cleansing should be done.  We clean our house, our car, our bodies on the outside, why not cleanse our bodies on the inside. We should not wait for a problem or a symptom, we should prevent them from happening.


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Author:Sarah Moore


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