Dont Be Scared.

You asked, I answered…

Every time I see a new client and we get to meet again, I ask them how their first session was, did they talk about it with others, and what questions do they have. Most peoples “first time” is by themselves. I on the other hand was “broke in” so to speak with my husband Ian (then boyfriend). Maybe I was just so excited about the possibilities of getting all the gunk out and my body being way healthy, I didn’t care I was ready to go. I also don’t think I really thought about how it was for Ian, he said he would go and I went with it. My first time was done by a male, COLON HYDROTHERAPIST ( mind out of gutter please). It was a little uncomfortable but the feeling afterward far out weighed any “pain”. But a common question repeat clients get ask by their friends is,

What does the thing look like that goes in your butt?

What does it feel like, is it like a garden hose gushing water through your colon?

Well today is your lucky day if you are reading this post, you are getting to see what only those getting a colonic get to see, the SCOPE and the lubricant used.The lubricant is specially made for me my Twelve Corners here in Franklin, Tn it is designed to minimize smell and also to have the most natural non toxic healthy lubricant that can be used in your body. It will not interfere or provoke any itching, swelling, or irritation from that end.

As far as what does it feel like. Completely opposite of what many are thinking that have not gotten a colonic. The water is at a gentle warmth of 100 degrees and gently flows into the colon through the help of gravity. When the water is exiting it is flowing out the large hole in the scope and everything goes through a closed tube and down the drain like flushing the toilet.

Most people getting colonics are not going because it is like a massage, they are going because having waste in your colon is serious and can lead to serious health issues beyond your imagination. They go because the way they feel after exiting my office is a greater feeling than having a massage. The positive side effects are worth their weight in gold, and that is the honest truth!


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Author:Sarah Moore

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One Comment on “Dont Be Scared.”

  1. June 5, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    I love twelve corners products… I had no clue they made that kind of thing. Nice blog post!

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