Your Colon and Your Spine, Part 1 of 2

Charlie @ 5 months being adjusted (currently he is 11 mo)

It may be obvious to think that the colon and the spine play a role together, but if you are not familiar with your body their role can seem odd. What does your large intestines have to do with your spine?

When I first learned about chiropractic care it was from my husband before we were married. I knew there was a chiropractor in my small town but that is all I knew, where his office was. So as an adult I thought someone with back pain or who had just had a car accident went, I wasn’t aware of the “preventative” side. Now a lot of people have their opinions about chiropractors and a lot of those people have never been to one… SO I will leave it at that.  My experience started slow and progressed. I first started when I was pregnant with my daughter and then went a few times after that. When I became pregnant with my son, I went more often and decided that I would make it a part of my lifestyle, and got X-ray after he was born.  I chose to do this because as begin to take more control of my health I learned the importance the spine plays in over all health! My daughter had gone as an infant when she was not pooping regularly and it always worked.  Charlie went at four weeks and has gone since.

My xray showed that I was loosing the curvature in my spine, which I can believe is a common thing for most people. Posture is poor, we are on computers a lot, when breastfeeding my head is down, and we usually have horrible pillows.  BUT there is was in black in white on the wall what my spine looked like.  Well what does that mean? How much do I have to come?  3xs a week for about 3 months and then go from there?  WOW I thought, but if I want my body to work as it should the way I was born, then this is part of it.

The way I was born.. yes, I believe my spine was with a curvature in the neck when I was born.  How did it go bad? well all the above and being a working person that played sports, worked out etc things happen.  That is why I take my children with me every time I go, so they can continue to keep the body moving.

How does this relate to the colon? Glad you asked.  If you have had an X-ray you may have gotten the unsettling reality that your colon was compacted with waste because it was right there in Black and White.  Sometimes lower back pain is not your back, it is the compacted waste in your colon pressing against your spine. When you start to align the spine and tap into the central nervous system you begin to help many parts of your body including your colon.

When I get asked by clients how to help their children who are not going to the bathroom, I first start with nutrition and then I mention going to the chiropractor. That is followed by a “really?” If you take a look at how many times kids fall, run into things, they can get their back out of line very easily, which can affect the colon.  It is a simple PAINLESS adjustment that can get things moving.

What I think is important to remember, KEEP THINGS MOVING.  Keep whats in your colon moving and help that by keeping the spine moving. What experiences have you had with chiropractic care? Do you take your children? Part 2 Dr David Mason will give us more factual information on the spine as it relates to the colon.



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Author:Sarah Moore

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