What’s in your cart?

I have written before on why I go to Kroger and how I like their set up etc… I do not really enjoy going grocery shopping at all, if I could grow it all in my back yard, or get it at the farmers market all the time  I would, and eventually I will but until then kroger is where I go.  Partly I get frustrated trying to think about what everyone is going to want to eat, my husband for his lunches that will last in a cooler, me on days when I have NO time and days when I do. What will my 2 year old want that is healthy, etc.

BUT what I get most frustrated is about the thing that is out of my control, and that is what is in other peoples carts.  When I have a reality show, I will do episodes were I randomly stop people in the supermarket and ask them if I can transform their cart, and transform their life ( i should do it now, bt I might be better received if I were a celeb with a reality show, I might get kicked out if I were doing it now 🙂  )  I see people with cases of pop, sugary foods, and just junk and then I also see the distended gut that needs my help and also the over weight grocery shoppers, and there is usually never a smile on their face.  Do you notice when you don’t eat well you are just not in a good mood?  I do, and I don’t even drink pop!  I am so much more patient when I am eating and eating well.

I also know that a lot of people buy what they have coupons for and I see where that might seem more logical, and I was asked by a family member which place is cheaper Publix or Kroger? I said I don’t know I shop at Kroger because it has more of what I want.  “yeah but which one is cheaper”  I said I don’t let the price dictate if I am healthy or not.  After that came out of my mouth I thought, “crap sarah, you forgot about that filter on your mouth”  BUT it made me think… coupons are usually for “crap” food.  Now I know a lot of great blogs are out now that give awesome deals on healthy food, like The Thrifty Mama and I believe Faithful Provisions has changed their blog to start offering more nutritious coupons and focus more on health.  These are great places to start if you are coupon person.

I am not sure if it is a lack of knowledge, a lack of care, or that they just want to eat that food cause it tastes good.  I haven’t always eaten perfect but I was not a big “crap” eater before. Thank you to my parents, and my obsession with health and digging deeper. I just really wonder why there is not more self control, or that x+y=z and its not put together that whats in your cart could mean how much you are in the doctor. And if you save money to eat bad food, are you not going to spend the money you save on doctor bills and prescriptions? What do you think? Would you allow me to do an intervention on your shopping cart or would you tell me to “mind my own business”?



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Author:Sarah Moore


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