I eat organic. Why do I still feel bad?

Making the change to eating all organic and having a healthy lifestyle can be hard. If you don’t have a road map or help with all the information out there it gets overwhelming. I applaud those who are making the change and I hope my advice and knowledge can offer you help.
If you have been eating toxic food, and liquids your body has become very acidic and your cells are holding toxins and are not allowing proper oxygen into them, let alone vitamins and nutrients. If the cells are toxic ridden so is the colon.  When we change the food we eat to foods with less preservatives and more food from the earth it begins to detox our cells and of course our body. So over the course of time of this new diet, if no cleansing of the bowels and skin takes place then we begin to feel the effects of the organic food detoxing our body. We can begin to feel more bloated and can even have cramping in the stomach. 
My action plan would be to cleanse. Your goals will be different than mine and others but I would start out with a series of three to five colon hydrotherapy sessions. Why? There is nothing better to cleanse the bowels in my opinion box cleanses and over use of herbal products can make the problem worse, so we can add water to the colon to remove the waste,while also hydrating the body. My next step would be to cleanse the skin. We can do that through an infrared sauna and exercise. Sitting in a sauna for 15-30min can have an amazing effect on removing toxins from the skin. Exercise of course will allow us to sweat which releases toxins. If you have the ability to get a regular massage. Let you therapist know you goals so she can work the massage toward what you are wanting to achieve.

Lastly we want to drink plenty of water. If we can we want to drink out of glass purified water or filtered water. Water can be acidic depending on the source and when it is in plastic bottles the toxic plastic can leach into our water giving us high estrogen counts and of course bpa.
Lastly way to go on eating great. Just remember where you started and some times more repair needs to take place before we can begin to feel optimal.


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Author:Sarah Moore


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