SLS’s and Why I am not using them!

What's in your bubbles?

I love taking a bath, I love getting the water really warm and just soaking my cares away. It has been one of the easiest things for me to do after a long day of allowing a 1 and 3 year old to crawl and jump all over me, and also to help clear my head as I think about my business, growing it and also making and keeping a happy home.  With that said I have avoided having this thought come into my bath although I did…. A bath can be really toxic!

I have worked to create a toxic free home, starting with my food and then continuing to my household products, and I will then work on my clothing, as I believe it to be “skin” in its own right. To some this can be extreme or not balanced but I am working on easing this into my life as to not overwhelm me, and allow me to keep balanced. BUT back to my bath. 🙂 I was taking a bath when I wasn’t at my home and felt I needed to make it more relaxing by adding bubbles. The only option was to use the shampoo that was in the bathroom.  Normally I will bring my own toiletries but some days I am not on my game with packing and do good to remember my clothes after packing everyone else s, so for this trip only the toothbrush and paste made the cut.  As curiosity got the best of me I looked at the shampoo bottle I made for bubbles and the SECOND ingredient was Sodium Lauryl Sulfate… UGHHH I knew it would be by the fact the bubbles were about to flow out of the tub into the next room.  So as I soaked I realized not only was I laying in water that was not filtered and had who knows what in it, I was also soaking up some nice toxic carcinogens. WONDERFUL. Although some people will not give this a second thought.. I am not that some person.  No I do not carry a filter with me, but I do try to minimize my toxicity wherever I am.

So why no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate?  Well one, it can dissolve GREASE and Rust!  It is what is responsible for creating the suds and fizz that are in products that have it. It is used to remove auto grease, in most cleaners and is now in your shampoo, conditioners and TOOTHPASTE!  Yes even Toms of Main contains SLS, Not so natural huh Tom!

You can view in the ingredients, and yes we almost used the whole tube, I worried about no fluoride but not SLS, where was I? I am now using Dr Nates Naturals which you can pretty much EAT. Dr Nate also has a great blog post on “why toothpastes foam”

When reviewing research done on SLS, cancer researchers would like you to believe it has no effect on the body and skin, yet the same studies would have you to believe aluminum in deodorant does not contribute to breast cancer. So I ask the questions why is it in there when the products I now buy work great without them? Why is something that contributes to hormone imbalance, skin irritations, cancer etc being used?  Well I believe the answer is because it is CHEAP, and it can be used as a filler, and take up space, so the cool ingredients like the natural ones, or the botanicals can play a minor role in the product but can be listed on the front label so you think you are getting this really ALL Natural product that contains flower extracts and herbs, when really all you are getting is a toxic rub you are putting on your skin.

So what do you do?  I choose to use, for cost effectiveness the 365 Brand from Whole Foods, you can always use your shampoo as a bubble bath. You can usually never go wrong with Burts Bees, and it is pretty much everywhere these days. There are also many independently distributed companies that have great products you can look into. You can also just become more educated, like you read food labels, read the labels on the back of all products you use, and as you can reduce the products that contain SLS.  This will help the little ones, and pets that are crawling on the floor, and also help you when you choose to take a nice bath you will be able to relax your mind knowing you are minimizing the toxicity your body is taking in.



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Author:Sarah Moore

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