I Am Grateful For….

This time of year I know we all reflect on what we are grateful for. It is neat reading status updates on Facebook for those who took the challenge to do 30 days of what they are grateful for. I did not do it although I don’t think you ever need a reason to say what you are grateful for. I have learned from some self help mentors that when you are stressed, about whatever, that putting yourself in a state of gratitude re frames your thinking and things start to pick up. Stress has been my friend lately and I am doing my best to stay focused not over analyze and to remember the great things I have. SOME DAYS IT IS HARD, but I am dedicating this post to a few of the things that if I had no house, car, etc I would still be grateful and fulfilled to have these.

Ian, Addison, Ian Jr, our loving parents, my brother and sister, and my brother and sister in laws FAMILY, Our good Health, my ability to breastfeed, my ability to help people get clean and detox, my knowledge and how I am surrounded by people that are always teaching me soooo much more, MY awesome clients that are always pushing me and making me grow and be stronger. For my ability to realize I do not know it all and I want to keep learning and growing, and that comes with success and failure. And finally I am grateful and thankful to be here living a life of purpose that will help at least one person be and do better!


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Author:Sarah Moore


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