Lets embark on a journey

Ok, so many people make resolutions, I kinda just feel its another month, keep my eye on the prize and Oh yeah when you put the date make it an 11 instead of a 10. One thing I have done is look at the things I think are really cool and try to work harder at them. The cool things for me are Nutrition and Blogging. Up to this point my blogging has been well.. not much. I look at other bloggers thinking they are on it. Not only on it because they blog a lot, but they type and I can read their personality which is neat. So I am working on sharing my personality better instead of reading like a stick in the mud that talks about how much poop others have in them and why I should get it out. One reason for the lack of personality is vulnerability, I never thought I was but when I think about blogging I get worried about offending a reader, or having someone lash out at me, etc. I am not sure why this bothers me since I don’t really hold back in real life.  But at any rate, here is my disclaimer 🙂  I am a really awesome person that wishes the best for everyone truly, I want you to be super healthy and super wealthy ( not just in money) But I also do a lot of things that are not typical, so I write about them and insert my passion in them. So if you disagree that’s fine lets have a friendly convo about it. My heart is again big so I am not pointing fingers I am just sharing my belief.  And with that belief I am also sharing with you what I know about natural health, and being the best you you can be, and hopefully that gets you off a few drugs and has you loving yourself more :). I hope you learn a lot and I hope I learn a lot through you and through myself.

This year I started school again, something I thought I would NEVER do, although I am always learning and love to learn I didn’t want to step on the campus of MTSU or any other again. So I am not, I started with Institute of Integrative Nutrition, to grow and hone in on my nutrition skills and learn a lot of Ah ha moments. SO far so good. Now I am like many other mothers, who run and grow a business,  take care of a 1 and 3 yr old, go to school, please their husband, try to keep their house clean, and still do my hair at least twice a week.  And I want to be vulnerable and share this journey with you.  Any of my posts that include poop and you don’t want to read about them I will warn you up front .

Along the way I will need “test” subjects which mean you recieve freebies, and I look forward to you stretching my noggin and asking good questions. I also hope to razzle dazzle you along the way (that’s for you Brandi).



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Author:Sarah Moore


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