Shades of Grey

On a trip back from Indiana Ian and I were talking about growing up and my parents and discussing my father and the career path he had before becoming a State Farm Agent, and Ian said he has done enough to know that everything is not black and white and there are shades of grey. Which is so true. As I get older I realize that and even more so as I grow my knowledge in cleansing and nutrition. I am stubborn and when you are stubborn things slap you in the face sometimes, but with a slap you always learn 🙂

Recently Dr. Oz had colon hydrotherapy as a topic on his show and then on the OWN network. I usually choose not to listen because although I know what I believe, I still get a little fire in me when I hear someone that has such a large platform say not so positive things about what I am passionate about, but at any rate this time I listened. I have heard Dr. Oz say there is no medical reason to get a colonic. Hmmm well there is no real reason to take prescription drugs because the body is designed to heal itself, but I know it is not that simple. People are sick and do not eat as we were intended for our body so some people have to take meds to stay alive.  I was also told by a client that they listened in to a webinar of a pharmacists that “dogged” colonics up and down, and said no one still has fecal matter stuck in their colon, it all comes out.  Well she promised me not to get mad before telling me what he said, but I was a little frustrated. Ironic that someone who dispenses drugs for various ailments is saying that the colon was black and white. Seemed so ironic. So the person that eats 3 meals a day and only poops once a week, has a clean colon??

What I question the most about this pharmacist and Dr. Oz is, have you ever gotten a colonic? Have you ever spoken to a colon hydrotherapist? Have you met with one of my clients, like “julie” that is 56 and has been constipated since she was in diapers ( her mother said). “Julie” is on her 35th colonic, and with diet change she is now pooping once a day, with no laxatives, stool softeners, etc. She has also gotten off many medications, with the help of diet and cleansing. Obviously it is not black and white, it is like saying diet is the only reason people are sick. You have work and relationships  that factor into why so many people have poor health. Changing what you eat will make a huge difference but when you lay your head down at night, if you aren’t happy in that bed, you don’t feel better!

I think that Grey is a good thing to think about when we think about getting healthy and doing what is best for your body. What works for your friend may not work for you. I like hardly any meats, no dairy. But for the person that grew up on meat, I challenge them to eat it in moderation and have it organic, but not eliminate. It may work for them to have it as part of their balance.  You like coffee? Well dont go cold turkey just try drinking more water and less coffee. Or recognize how the coffee could be acting on your adrenals and your stress.

When it comes into natural, holistic, integrative medicine/health there are shades of Grey, every body is different everyone is on a different journey of knowledge and acceptance. I still have to remind myself of this. Do I believe everyone can benefit from a colonic, YES. Do I believe colon hydrotherapy is for everyone, NO. Be honest and true to what is out there but find a happy balance.

***i do not reference a client unless I am given permission, but I did still change her name, although she has no problem of talking about it 🙂


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Author:Sarah Moore

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