Did you see the O Vegan Challenge

I had posted a message on my facebook to watch the great Michael Pollan on the Oprah show because I was sure what he had to say would be well worth it. He is very fact based and is definitely out for the greater good when it comes to what we are putting on our plate.  I found overall I think Oprah was a little scared to be to factual or actually show what she truly felt or about the science, since she did mention her lawsuit with the beef industry a couple times.

What I did like was that Michael Pollan was real and authentic in saying that no meat is not for everyone, and that he eats only meat he knows the origination.  This is the reason why my children are vegetarians.  I was hoping  there would not have been such a focus on cows meat, why not dairy milk? Why not look into why so many Americans are eating/drinking the milk of another animal before they will feed human milk to there child? Not to mention what is in the meat, even if they are killed humanly.  As you heard the farmer say they eat corn and corn by product. How is the corn made? Monsanto GMO ! Also lets take into account that most cows are milked when they are pregnant and the hormones that are going through the cows body are not the best to be in the milk most Americans drink.

Meat alternatives like those mentioned in the grocery store tour that was done. Well maybe as a starter for the Vegan, but sometimes those can be as processed as “processed food” . Various types of soy are used to make those products and it is  unfortunate that soy is overly processed and genetically modified, which effects many women who are working to balance their hormones and can not take the phytoestrogen. Looking into plant based alternatives for protein, I am constantly surprised at the weight plant based protein such as spirulina has in ratio to beef. Spirulina is also instantly digested where as the body can take a long time to digest meat proteins.

I am not a vegetarian, I would say I am very close. Meat does not have to be a part of every meal to me. We still purchase free range cage free eggs, and organic chicken. I do though get disturbed by the way the animals are killed. I grew up on a farm where we raised and showed sheep. I will still have a lamb burger now and then because it takes me back to my childhood. BUT I will say as I grow my palette and I grow my beliefs meat and dairy are growing out of my lifestyle.

Maybe Oprah can do another show where she digs deeper, asks the questions she usually does when it comes to her reporting. Make someone sweat.  But for now I am happy she has brought awareness to the many viewers she has.

Are you Vegan? Are you having meat at every meal and find it a part of the way you were raised to eat?


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Author:Sarah Moore


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