What the “Green Machine” is teaching me.

and of course what I am learning about myself along the way.

The “Green Machine” as I affectionately call it has been my new ride the last month.  The “boat” ( suburban) has been sick and I have been afraid to get it looked at because I am not sure what it will say I need to pay…. I know but right now I do not want that weighing on my mind. So when my brother in law and sister in law allowed me to borrow the 96 green Honda civic I was very grateful. One catch it is a stick, that I didn’t know how to drive.  I had a lesson a few months back in a school parking lot with my husband and then drove it to work one day and thought my blood pressure would not allow it to happen again. I only stalled out in a couple intersections.  That time we were going to drive it to just save on gas. So to save my life and my children I chose to spend money on gas and drive the “boat”. Well no time is better than now, either take the green machine or have no ride. So at any rate since I have been driving it for a month, you must know I am now Dale Jr. well not really but close 🙂

So what have I learned from the Green Machine.

1. Gratitude. I am always in a state of gratitude to be able to drive the green machine. Grateful to my BIL and SIL if it were not for them and without a second thought they said use the Civic! THANK YOU!. It has traveled across the country literally and is now gracing me and my children to go from A to B and many places in between. I am sure if it could talk it would say a lot. I think I did hear it talk when I cleaned it the other day 🙂

2. Bigger isn’t always better.  Bigger car meant my children were further away.  In the GM addi and charlie are right there, almost driving the car with me. I get to hear charlies rambles and cries and hear addi tell me about her day and all the things she sees out the window. I am not saying.. what did you say? I also think I don’t have the turn the radio up as loud for Addi since there is less room 🙂 Isn’t it the greatest thing in the world having the ones you love closer to you? I think so.

3. Im growing up. I hope.  I was fortunate that my parents bought my first car for me. Gas was the only expense I had. It was a dodge neon and I thought it was cool. Although I didn’t’ treat it that way.  I quickly had a second car a dodge stratus which I really liked and it kept me through college, even though my State Farm agent (dad) had to drop me for the many wrecks I had.  At any rate although I never had a Mercedes or BMW I did like a new nice car.  I somehow thought the car was a reflection of me, or who I was.  As I have grown in the last few years and lost a couple cars (Lost meaning someone else took them out of my drive) I know that although some peoples cars are paid for most are not…. BUT the Green Machine is! So the car is not a reflection of the amount of money you make or do not make.   Having things that are yours and that are paid for are far more valuable. Some day might I have a luxury car, sure, but it will be paid for.

Confidence.  Sometimes I think we or I try to find confidence in things instead of ourselves.  So having a nice car gives you confidence, or nice clothes, or purse. I feel I am a confident person in many areas but I am lacking in some certainty. I am a lot more confident in the body I have now, although it is not wear I want to be, but it is healthy, gave me two beautiful children and is now still feeding the second, how could that not make me proud.  I am very confident in my ability to do my job. I am passionate about it and I love being able to make people feel good. Driving the Green Machine has given me a confidence in a way of saying I don’t care. I don’t care if I stall out in the middle of an intersection, it happens may happen again have some patience get it in the right gear and go. I am no longer fighting the urge while looking at another car to want it.  I want the car I am in. I feel it is as though I owe it to the civic to love it and appreciate it. and be grateful Honda makes a good car 🙂

I think so much happens in my life so I am to feel what putting someone else shoes on means. Especially when it comes to something I may take for granite or not show enough gratitude towards. It is a tough and not fun lesson to have but as I continue to grow I know every lesson is a good thing, even though it may start out as bad.  So for as long as the relationship last with me and the green machine, I am embracing it and very happy that I have it in my life and the many stall outs we have ahead!


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Author:Sarah Moore


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