Meatless Monday

Have you heard of Meatless Monday’s or even participated?  Well I have noticed it is becoming a trend on many blogs and also on some restaurants. There is even a website dedicated to Meatless Monday awareness and help in making it happen. The goal of this movement is to reduce the amount of meat that is consumed by each of us to help our health and help the planet.  Meat consumption is one of the leading factors in heart disease, many cancers and from my end poor digestion. No it isn’t just meat, but it is part of the problem. Meat is very hard to digest and for the digestive system and when we are working to repair our health, eliminating meat or reducing it will greatly effect the healing process. If you can buy organic meat it is better but organic meat is expensive and the the alternative is not a favorable one. Most regular meat is so cheap because it is produced cheaply. Cheap grain to massive amount of animals on hormones chucked full of antibiotics, slaughtered and put on your table. Not my idea of appetizing.

I have not chosen a day to cut out meat entirely, although I do not have it very often.  I feel my body feels better and performs better when I am not eating meat. So if I crave it I have it, but it is not often I want it. We chose to eat organic chicken, or meat we know where it came from. Currently both of my children are vegetarians. When it comes to cutting out meat most will wonder “where do I get protein?”  Yes, there are meat alternatives that will offer protein, some are good, some are just as bad I feel. I do have non GMO organic tofu, but for the most part we can look to our plants as a great source of protein. Most plants per serving carry more protein than meat. This is also easily digestible protein that body utilizes easier than meat protein.  Adding spirulina into a smoothie can give you a great amount of instantly digested plant based protein (60-70% protein, and a load of amino acids) Quinoa is a complete protein and the quinoa is also gluten free, and is very easy to cook and sprout. A great blog about plant based and raw eating explores the difference, Sunwarrior.

Also be mindful of what meat production is doing to the planet. The amount of energy and waste that is used and created by one meat plant is outrageous.

According to Environmental Defense, if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off U.S. roads.

Other than a smoothie, that does not contain whey based protein, I have given a couple easy recipes of some non meat meals I like to make.

Tofu Romaine Wraps (like any wrap add the things you like to eat)

Romaine Wraps w tofu

Extra Firm organic tofu

cherry tomatoes


raw garlic


I begin by cooking the tofu in coconut oil and Bragg liquid amino until they are brown on the outside.  I take the tomatoes and cut them into slices, the cucumbers into small pieces, and small avocado chunks. Very easy at this point, add them to the lettuce wraps and eat them as if you were having a flour wrap.

Raw kale salad.

Half eaten bowl of Kale salad 🙂

Organic Green Kale

Olive Oil

Sea Salt



Raw chopped Garlic

Break apart kale leaves and massage the olive oil into the leaves, while massaging add the sea salt to taste. Allow the leaves to sit and soak up the olive oil, and sea salt. Close to serving time mix in the garlic, tomatoes and avocados. (you can also add purple onion, sunflower seeds) If eating throughout the week, wait and add the avocado when you are going to eat it.

Explore eating less meat or even cutting it out of your diet for a period of time, and see how you feel.  Some people respond more to eating meat, and need to have some in their diet. IF that is you try more quality meat, go organic. Look for words like grass fed or no hormones steroids or antibiotics used.  If you are wanting to cut out meat all together look into being a vegetarian or a vegan (no animal at all… no cheese, eggs etc) Whatever you choose be mindful of your health and that food is our fuel, and to continue running well, we need to be fueled well.


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Author:Sarah Moore

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