Does your parents health determine your health?

I do not think so. Maybe because I like to push the limit and do what others are not or prove myself wrong. But why should i be scared since my mom had breast cancer that I am gonna get it. Or that since my dad had his gallbladder removed mine will be on its way later in life.  I get scared about somethings but this is not going to be one of them.

I do think genetics plays a part in our health. Obviously it can be shown that family history showed cancer, heart disease, or constipation.  So yes, you might have a greater likelihood that you could, but I think that likelihood is there because everyone lives the same life!

Think about it, most of us continue doing the same things we were raised to do. If we come from a spiritual family, we continue to go to church and then have our children go to church. It is automatic. It isn’t until one “rebel” in the family decides they are not going to do something that it begins to change.  Like college for instance.  Does it mean because mom and dad didnt go that kids, can’t and wont? NO, usually mom and dad not going can either be an excuse or a reason for a child to work even harder so they become the first. The one that breaks the mold and create the legacy for the family.

I believe this is so true in aspects of health.  We continue the same patterns unless someone changes them. For whatever reason they change them, maybe there was a great illness or death that had us look at our habits and say NO way is that happening to me, or maybe as it was in our case, it just made sense.  I like to think that although it is hard and it can have you busting through brick walls, the choices in our health we are making are setting a new pattern of health for my family. We are not all meant to have what are parents have.  We often times have what are parents have because we are doing the same thing are parents did.  We grow up and continue our lifestyles as we did when we were under our parents care, and we pass those ideas onto our kids.   I have said before I HAVE AMAZING PARENTS (disclosure done) BUT there are a lot of things I am doing my mother did not, and I am doing them because I feel they are best for my family’s future, but I also believe it will be best for our health. I did not think that because I was an ear infection baby/kid that my kids would have ear infections and be on antibiotics, nor did I think because my husband is asthmatic that they would have breathing issues.  And fortunately neither have had either. But we work on preventive care not sick care.  Chiropractor, healthy food, alot of human milk, love and fun!

I think when it comes to breast cancer and any cancer in general are risks are so much greater because there are so many more risks.  Breastfeeding is a preventive factor for cancer, yet woman have so many demands on themselves breastfeeding is more of a chore or nusience than something that is looked at as the best nutrition for baby and a natural process for the mothers body, to produce milk, feed baby. And quite honestly it isn’t encouraged and formula is so easy to just mix up and feed.  Same as using all natural deodorant instead of deodorant that is filled with aluminum which aids in breast cancer. Instead of not having young girls be on birth control to control their acne, we can take it all our life, get a shot to prevent cervical cancer, and then hope we can get pregnant when we do want to come off birth control. Why don’t we practice alternative birth control, work with young girls on eating well and taking care of their bodies and I am sure their risk of cancer would go down and so would infertility rates.  But again its hard to have time, and taking a pill is always easier and faster, and we can scare everyone into believing they will get HPV so they need to get a shot.

Our foods are filled with who knows what if you are not eating organic and we breath more toxins in our air then ever before.  We stress about everything and when you begin to have a family you are not only thinking about yourself you are thinking about your family and it is hard to keep it all under control and still have a smile on your face and have the mental break that will keep us healthy.  We have a cell phone attached to our head or hip all the time (gulity) and are always chasing something.

I think we have to take a step back and see what patterns we are making. Are they the same? Is what we are doing that is the same good healthy habits? Or habits that can lead to more damaging outcomes in our future?  I do not think we have to be labeled with a disease because it is in our family or that we have to remove body parts in the fear to not get something. What I do think is that we need to work hard to eat better, exercise and cleanse our bodies. Be real and apparent that there are toxins all around us, and that our food supply is being compromised and threatened. Farmers market and growing our own food is becoming popular for a reason, WE NEED GOOD CLEAN FOOD. Poor health can be reversed our bodies are amazing and powerful, given the right tools anything can be rebuilt.

We are alive until we are dead… so lets live OUR BEST DAY AND LIFE EVER… HEALTHY!


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Author:Sarah Moore

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2 Comments on “Does your parents health determine your health?”

  1. March 8, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    Loved your post. Sounds like you are focused on raising healthy children that will one day realize the time and effort that your putting in to their healthy futures. I understand exactly and respect your effort. We are alive until we are dead.


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