See how Sheila is getting healthy.

I find myself often times thinking how lucky I am to get to do what I do, and to touch peoples lives. It is great to hear how great someone feels after just one colonic, or after changing their eating. I feel I am full of so much information but the real rock stars are the clients that take what I say and run with it and take control of their lives for the better. Sheila is that client.  I didn’t know how uncomfortable and how skeptical she was about colonics until she had her third or so and now she would not be the same with out it in her life. Sheila is a joy and I am grateful to have her as a part of my life!

Seeing my former internal medicine doctor, I saw a sign for hydrocolon therapy, curious I asked the nurse about the process. The nurse explained the process and I wasn’t sold, but as I was leaving, I was able to speak with Sarah Moore the therapist. Sarah’s professional answers made me feel confident enough to try her, my plan was once, but the better deal was three so I bought three. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle so I figured three hydrocolon treatments would be a good start. I was a little nervous on my first visit, but Sarah made it comfortable, at the end (no pun intended), I felt much better. What really sold me on the process was Sarah’s passion on her business and the knowledge she shared. Sarah was amazing explaining the benefits of colonhydrotherapy. I am taking baby steps on lifestyle changes with Sarah’s help.

I am happy to report that Sarah has played a big part in my lifestyle changes, she is an inspiration to me. I finished my three sessions and signed up for more, I feel the benefits and can tell the difference when I don’t go weekly. Adding hydrocolon therapy to your lifestyle will change your life for the better, having Sarah share her knowledge…priceless.

-Sheila, Brentwood, TN


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Author:Sarah Moore

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