FFF: Superfood Spirulina

Organic SoTru brand Spirulina


I love Spirulina and everything it has to offer for your health. It is a wonderful plant based protein. It is readily and easily digested, where as an animal protein takes a lot of energy for the body to break down, and most of the protein is destroyed in the cooking process. If you are someone that does not get their veggies, or has trouble getting enough, adding spirulina to your smoothie, or food, will give you a healthy punch that will make you feel amazing!

There are various types of spirulina, for this post I will speak in general terms of spirulina. Some benefits that it contains, is 65-71 percent protein, this is a higher concentration of protein found in any food. It is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 8 essential amino acids. It is very rich in Vitamins, B1 B2, B6, E K and very rich in beta carotene (Vitamin A). This superfood can aid in detoxing your blood, regulate brain chemistry, and help to build your blood. It is very antioxidant rich. Taking it can also replace a multi vitamin by many strides!

When we compare spirulina to beef, it has 200 times more protein per acre than beef. It also does not have to be cooked to be eaten so the protein has not been compromised. Spirulina also does not make the negative impact on the environment that beef/animal production has. So making the switch to an plant based protein source is also very green Not to mention how beautifually green Spirulina is in color.

When it comes to using Spirulina , I find it easiest to add it in a smoothie. I always use berries in my smoothies as apposed to high sugar fruits. It can be mixed into fruit juices or veggie juice.  You can also mix it into dips, guacamole, or sprinkle it on your popcorn. I would not heat it, as this would destroy all valuable properties. Finding Spirulina is a lot easier than it used to be. It can be found at most local whole food and wellness shops. They likely have it in tablet form which is still good, I prefer powdered.  It is used by a lot of raw foodist so most raw food sites will have it.  I have tried Hawaian Pacifica’s brand of tablets which were fine but they are large pills and I can forget to take them. I also have had Z natural Foods which smelled a lot fishier than the SoTru brand I just got yesterday, and used for the first time today. Both were the same color and richness.

To read more about Spirulina and Superfoods, I recommend SuperFoods By David Wolfe, and the book Spirulina Natures Superfood by Kelly Moorhead and Bob Cappelli

Go get some today! 🙂



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Author:Sarah Moore


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