FFF: Lemons

Gary you only got 3 lemons,

what my baby wants my baby gets..

but I wanted 12!

Who can forget the lemon scene from The Break Up, But lemons do look good in a vase on the table with water and flowers. Spring is the time I really want lemons, so good in a nice glass of water or for many in the south in their sweet tea. Not only do they taste refreshing they are very good in detoxing the body.

Why are lemons so good for you? Lemons are often thought of as acidic because they are acidic to taste but the residue left by lemons is actually alkaline making it a food that can help to balance your PH. Lemons will also aid in relief to the kidneys and gallbladder as it is a diuretic, that is why it is great to drink room temperature water with lemon in it first thing upon waking up in the morning. Lemons are high in vitamin C and the juice of a lemon is very antibacterial.  The juice is also best diluted with water, as pure lemon juice  can be harsh on the enamel of your teeth.

Readers Digest posted a great article about 34 Reasons to Load up on Lemons. Everything from polishing chrome and getting rid of cat litter odor. I know I like putting lemons is the garbage disposal so i can have a fresh scent coming from the sink.  The essential oil of the lemon can be used for colds, athletes foot, varicose veins.

What do you use lemon on or in?


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Author:Sarah Moore


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