Happy Chocolate Day.. Superfood Ball Recipe

Ok, I have been MIA from the whole blogging scene last week I was busy taking a test for school, running around like crazy with the kids, getting my garden halfway planted and the most exciting thing working with Mrs Jenny Doss of Willow Management on my new website and branding!!   Moore:Living with Sarah is alive!! 🙂 It is in place and ready for viewing although I isn’t finished. You can get a feel for it and see how I can help you take your health to the next level. I hope you like it I will do an official launch announcement when it is done.

Ok now onto the recipe I love chocolate like I love coconuts and kale, this recipe showcases the awesome prize I won from Navitas Naturals!  I always suggest following your favorite products on facebook and twitter because they do great giveaways and you can score free products.  I can take free superfoods all day long! I love Navitas they have amazing superfoods, I love their image and what they are about. You can see on their YouTube page where they get their foods from and they are just a good company. This recipe is kinda a version of one I have seen them post but I changed it a little.

Here you go!

7 pitted Organic Dates ( take out the pits of course)

1.5 tbls of Navitas Cocoa Nibs

2 tbl of Navitas Superfruit Blend (what I won!)

2 tsp of Organic Palm Sugar

1 tsp Local Raw Honey

1 tbl of virgin coconut oil

2 tsp of Raw Spirulina powder

I was out of cocoa powder so I took my cocoa nibs and ran them through the food processor to a fine powder.  Placed in a bowl.  Blend dates and coconut oil to a mushy consistancy and then add cocoa nibs, superfruit powder, sugar, honey, spirulina  and blend.

You will get a funny looking consistency that is dark and a little oily.  Be prepared for your fingers to get messy.  It was fun for me and the kids, and it gives them fingers they can lick when they are done 🙂   Roll into balls any size you wish. I  rolled half of the balls into the superfruit powder and half into cocoa nibs before I placed them on the plate. Now the oil will set once you place the superfood balls in the fridge. I would have them set for 10 min and once you take them out they will be done.  I really enjoyed making these the first time. They tasted great and I can’t wait to try them next time with cocoa powder!  Enjoy.


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Author:Sarah Moore


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