FFF: Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen, made by bees is a truly amazing superfood.  Very yellow in color, it can be added to smoothies, yogurt, on salads or even eaten by itself.  I believe when having bee products you stick to the bees of your area, their honey and pollen will help best against fighting allergies. Bee Pollen I particularly like, I feel when used on a regular basis it gives me a nice pep in my step for sure.

Now what makes Bee Pollen so special?  Well it is good for sexual health and a boost in your libido.  That’s good news isn’t it? Well if that isn’t enough here are some more reasons 🙂

  • High antioxidant
  • Potent aphrodisiac and fertility improving properties
  • It can increase speed, energy endurance. Very good to take when wanting to recover from exercise,and work outs.
  • Reduces allergy reactions
  • Since it is high in B vitamins, it aids in stress reduction.
  • Can aid in relieving Type 2 diabetes symptoms
  • contains over 11 different major enzymes
  • Has major minerals and trace minerals

Bee Pollen is created when the bee is capturing pollen from flowers and some is mixed with honey, this is considered milk for their babies. As the bee has collected pollen thru out the day it has been stored in various places on his body and this is where he brings it back to the hive, and the pollen is created

Where can you find it?  I purchase my bee pollen from a local bee keeper that is at the farmers market. There are many online sites where you can purchase pollen, but if you have a relationship with a local keeper I would try him first.  I know if this is added to your diet you will feel great.

Enjoy this earth day and take time to research honey bees and what an important role they play in our environment.


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Author:Sarah Moore


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