You are a Super Mom!

Seriously I am not joking.. well maybe some moms aren’t cause they aren’t good moms, but I believe about 99% of you out there are. What defines a Super Mom?  Well YOU define what makes YOU a Super Mom.

Sarah How do I do that? Listen and Learn 🙂

So I was having a mommy day, a day where I have to remember why I am a mom which also means I was thinking about when I wasn’t a mom. I chose to run the Music City Half Marathon which is the Saturday. I am ready although maybe not prepared. I went this morning to get my race pack. I remembered the last time I ran it (before kids) it was no big deal, I Just went got my info, shirt, saw some venders giving away samples of food that isn’t’ really all that great for being healthy and I went home. So this time I debated on taking the kids to the sitter before or just taking them. Well being a tight a** I took them with me, all loaded up in the Green Machine.  My favorite parking place by the Ryman ( where I parked before kids) was full so I went to the parking garage. As I am driving up the little hill to the man you get a ticket from, I guess the GM didn’t get into first well, which it has its moments, and there I go pressing the excelerator and rolling back. My body temp rises and I think, Just when I was doing good at this car. I look at the attendant and he was smiling being so nice, I pull up and he asked how long I was going to be, and looking at the kids in the back seat while taking pity I couldn’t get my car up the little hill, and he said go on ( meaning Im not gonna charge you). I would have really thought, SWEET, but I noticed a truck right behind me wanting to come in. Does this dude not know I am in a stick and I will roll back and hit him? So as I started to go sure enough still wasnt in first.. Long story short, he had to pull all way back into the street so I could go back down the hill and get a start on a level plane. Now in the parking garage we find a spot in the Patsy Cline level and work our way to the elevator. As we get there “Addi says who’s that lady?” I said that is Patsy Cline she is awesome, and then start to sing “Walkin After Midnight” unimpressed we get on and Addi presses the buttons.  We find our way to the convention center, survive the escalators (Charlie is in my baby K’tan hanging out) all to realize we are EARLY. Seems to be something I always strive for, in this case means we wait in line. So for 15 min I let Charlie out of control and him and addi play with the stone pillars in the lobby area. The lady behind me said, in a sweet way… “that’s why I took my kids to the sitter” Well good for you! 🙂  I didn’t. So the line moves, YEAH, we go inside, I do not have the right paperwork, Charlie wants to do everything Addi is doing and then I stand in the wrong corral line. I try to stay relaxed while I see people in so much a hurry I can tell my kids dancing to the music is an annoyance to them. Addi is hungry so I figure as we work our way in there has gotta be someone giving nasty protein bars away or power jelly beans.. Just what she needs more sugar. Sure enough, they have samples and enough to apese her for the moment.  I made my way and saw these really cool headbands, needing something to dress up my head for the times my hair hasn’t been washed for a couple days I asked the girls if they had one that said MoM on it. They found me two. The one I purchased and one that said “Wife, Mom, Marathoner” I debated on the one I purchased, because I hadn’t thought of myself as this, and also thought if I wore it people would think I thought I was the best or two good. BUT I bought it anyway.

We successfully made it back to the Patsy Cline level and in our car, after we made it back on to 65 S I began to think about my purchase.  Who defines Super Mom? I think most of us mothers laugh at the idea we are a “super mom ” because we always think we are falling short somewhere. I know my SIL always seems somewhat defeated because she doesn’t’ get the house clean, or the dishes done and says I just cant be SuperMom. BUT she already is.  I believe we are super moms,when we go outside of ourselves to give them opportunity, experiences, and love. Being Super doesn’t mean you do EVERYTHING all the time. I think defining your own super is the best way to be a Super Mom.  Define it in a way you give yourself a pat on the back. Yes, you will struggle at it, as I am now typing this blog after I have told Addi 30xs (no joke) to just let me finish then I will play, go watch Toy Story! Everytime your husband asks if he has any socks or underwear clean and you know you didn’t get that load done you will feel less super, BUT try not to.

Think about it, there really isn’t a day that goes by that everything you do, besides maybe using the bathroom (which could be done with a child sitting on your lap), is not done for someone else. Either your boss, husband or you kids. So remember that even though you didn’t run into the phone booth and pull your shirt open and reveal, you are a SUPER MOM. Everyday, work as I am, to not let others define your definition of SUPER!


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Author:Sarah Moore

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