Run Run, Can’t walk

I would not consider myself a runner. I am not the gal that says I think I am gonna run today, nor do I get a high off a good pair of Nike, New Balance, or Reebox, BUT I do set goals that are bigger to wake myself up. So that is why I chose to run the 1/2 marathon. There was also an added bonus I was being sponsored by Cool Springs Family Medicine and didn’t have to pay 🙂  But like the last time I ran it 5 years ago I told myself I would train better and harder, so I would be able to walk the next day and run longer than I did the first 1/2 marathon. But as the last time went I started well, but didnt’ end up running like I wanted to. I am a morning gal all the way around, so if I am to be productive I do it in the morning. So I tried to get up before charlie and that didn’t happen to much. IF you are a breast feeding mother you know that you are attached to them by smell, I move charlie knows it, its like…. there goes my milk  wake up!!! 🙂  I knew I was going to finish the race regardless of my training. I committed I would follow thru. I needed a goal outside my comfort to get me back into regular exercise.

Well this time I also said I would run it in my Vibram Five Fingers, “toe shoes”. I love functional shoes, MBT’s Vibrams, or shoes with a cause like Tom’s.  I bought my vibrams over a year ago and do need a new pair since I have a couple hole, but they made it thru the training and 13.1 miles. When it was all said and done I didn’t have sore feet. I had sore calves, and quads, but no blisters or any discomfort in my feet. Now I do believe my legs worked harder and more in sync due to the fact that I had nothing false working for me, like shoes.  I was surprised I didn’t see many 1/2 marathoners wearing vibrams, but I did see one man that was barefoot totally. Major koodos to him.

Now when the race is over you walk thru a buffet of food that any junk foodie would love. Cookies, muffins, snickers version of a protein bar… and pretzels. There were bananas and apples. I found this interesting that this is what people use to refuel after a long run? I didnt’ carb up the night before, I had quinoa and veggies grilled in coconut oil. I woke up had a major power smoothie, with coconut milk, berries, bee pollen, spirulina, shaved coconut, and greens powder.  It seemed to hold me well. When I did try the goo gel along the way it was like sugar overload and didn’t make me feel better.

I also had several different emotional moments while running. I think partly because I am still nursing, but also because of all the tribute shirts, with kids and family members on them. I would like about addi and charlie and realize that because of them I can push thru ANYTHING. Two soldiers walking in camo and their back packs. and then the final .3 miles I notice a babywearing momma that had her little one the WHOLE time (tearing up now)  I was more amazed by her than I was anyone else.  It truly lets me know as mothers we can do anything!

So set goals, make them big and then go after them. At this point I have no desire for a full marathon, but you never know what the future holds.  Now onto getting my legs back to normal 🙂


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Author:Sarah Moore

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2 Comments on “Run Run, Can’t walk”

  1. May 11, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    Congrats Sarah! How you people run in Vibrames I just don’t know! 🙂 But they are catching on over here too. They actually just got them in stock at the Navy Exchange down at Big Navy, so pretty much everyone is getting them now.

    I’m such a better runner when I have a half to train for. I have to get my run in beore the family wakes up, and I’m telling you waking up at 0430, 4 times a week is no easy task. So when the race is over, so is my motivation. I have done 3 in the last year, but my next one isn’t until October. Hopefully I wont be starting from zero when the 3 month training program kicks in.

    One of my running buddies is also nursing which amazingly little Bailey didn’t even latch on until about 2 months old! Amazing story!! But both her and her husband are training for a half. They have some dedication. I’m not sure how they both find the time for all their trainings.

    PS Like the look of the new site!

    • May 14, 2011 at 6:15 am #

      thank you crystal it is starting to come together. You do 3 or more a year, you are awesome.. i believe I might just do the one a year and maybe some 5 k’s. Didn’t latch until 2 months, did she pump the whole time? Incredible, and what will power your friend has to keep trying.

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