So you find yourself at Waffle House

Oh college those were the days you thought you were invincible, well maybe you still do think that but I remember going out late and our friends would meet at this waffle house by the interstate my friend Jenny created the Waffle House club and you had to be inducted into the club by a certain waitress and get a hat. Even in college I was watching what I ate and trying to make sure I didn’t become over weight ( even though I did gain weight) I believe I went once with them, they were totally all nighters and then sleep in till noon. I was always burnin’ day light so I didnt’ always make the memories with them I just heard about them, but enough of that onto this post.

So you find yourself at Waffle House dont fight it try or try to understand why, we all have reasons but we are are there, you walk to your seat as your shoes stick to the floor slightly because of all the greese and mix of dirt that is on the floor, You get the most nice waitress you have ever had ( hahaha) and you look at the menu saying I am suppose to be eating better but smothered covered chunk, how could I pass it up… Well heres what I would do. (besides only drinking water w lemon and not eating)

Loose the meat, DO NOT get meat you do not trust, their meat talks to me and it is not nice so by pass it!

When you Scatter, tell them to STEAM. By pass the oil, and have them steam it, yea that nice waitress might roll her eyes or make a comment to the cook while she gets the cup of ice, but steam them. Then add your veggies to them. I am simple steam and smothered ( onions)

Eggs-  Have a couple have one, Say LIGHT ON THE OIL… if I thought there butter was real I would ask for it, but I doubt it is real so its a toss up on the oil or butter. I would have them cook the egg sunny side up so most of the nutrients in the yolk are in tact. Eggs do have a lot of vitamins and minerals along with good enzymes. But if you are against the yolk you can order “hold the Yolk” and they will scramble you up some egg whites.

Bread- If you need to have something to soak up that order it dry.  for go the butter!

Ideally if you are trying to get healthier cooking in our own kitchen with real whole food is best. Cage free organic eggs, real whole wheat bread, etc but if you do find yourself at Waffle House or you still go there because thats the families choice, then I hope these tips are helpful.

Also make sure you have a couple quarters handy for some good tunes on the jukebox 🙂


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Author:Sarah Moore

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