My “kinda” Garden :)

SO this year I set out with big dreams like I would be a farmer and feed my family everything that I grew all summer. I had great help from my sister in law I went out picked my spot at the community garden 30×30 BIG plot. I took the kids I worked the dirt barefoot, I really felt accomplished. I didn’t get everything I wanted in that day and set to go back another day… Then the rain came and came and came. I went back a couple times with the kids but as they trucked through I couldn’t have them stepping on others plots, so I avoided going out with the kids….My SIL let me know my radishes were ready so I went with excitement and wow were they ready I was amped!  I had enough to share. When I did get them I was overwhelmed with the amount of weeds that had taken over. My garden was not going to be in a magazine but I was still happy I had something.

One of the bunches of radishes, that I passed along to a friend

So today I had a break in between clients and went out in this amazon heat to my amazon jungle garden and found the spot at the end of the rainbow all my romain lettuce was up and I had a TONS. Wow and if I wouldn’t have gotten it today I am sure it would have been bad by the weekend due to the heat. As I drove home all bubbly inside like I just found a great outfit at on sale that made my hips look small, I was thinking about all the people I could share it with. I was also thinking about how little work I had been doing on my garden and how I still got some awesome stuff and have a few more things that are not ready yet.

Lettuce washed and waiting to be shared!

next year I am so excited to do it right and stay on it, having this fresh produce is amazing and makes me feel so accomplished. So get in your back yard or get a small box and get to planting, eating your own food is so rewarding and so good for your body!!!

Toot your horn and show us what you did. If you did get a garden out what has happened with it?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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