Being a Woman, Being a Mom,

Been absent from blogging for a couple week, I started this blog a while back, and never finished it and now re reading it, I will finish it for todays post 🙂

Do you think sometimes guys have it easy? Or why are they so laid back  nonchalant about things?  I am sure there are some guys that are wound tight, I know mine is not. But I am a woman and I am a mom  and I work to handle things the best I can, sometimes with grace sometimes with out… seems alot with out.  🙂 But what is Grace? is it defined by someone else or have we defined it and that is where the pressure lies.

being a mom is hard work, juggling work, kids, family and ourselves. I think we are our worst enemies. Think about it, we wake up and most of us  are probably not waking up thinking how good of a day it is gonna be, how well we are doing as a wife and mother, or how great we look.  If you do , then you are light years ahead! BUT all those thoughts are probably opposite. We are doing great, are day is going to be great and that we do look awesome.  We are moms we bring children into the world and we give all we have to them, without anything in return but a smile, hug, kiss, and an I love you. We clean the house, feed them, maybe feed ourselves and we wake up and do it all over again every day….

I do think it is ok every once in a while to reflect and say wow, I love my kids but I need a break!  call the neighbor a family member or spend some money on a sitter and just take a break! Mental health is important for overall health! I am taking my advice today and getting some reflexology done by my great friend Keri Powe   Lastly give yourself a pat on the back for being a woman and a mom!


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Author:Sarah Moore

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