So you can’t go #2?


TWO posts in one day… By mistake… ENJOY 🙂

Poop, to the bathroom, all the same in my book and if you are not doing it then your health is becoming compromised.  Putting aside that talking about poo is gross or nasty, we should be talking about it to someone if we are not going.

An essential part of the digestive process is food in and food out!  This becomes compromised with poor eating habits, over use of medications, stress and environmental toxins. If we are eating 3 meals a day we should go three times a day. IF you are not then where is all that poo going?  It is getting stored in your colon as toxic waste that your body is trying to work with. Say you haven’t taken the trash out for days and it starts to effect the whole house right? Same on the inside of our bodies.

Poor eating contributes to this because when we eat food our body takes what it can use and sends it as fuel to the rest of our organs,etc. If we are eating junk then our bodies are working really hard to process it and then working really hard to hang out to it because non of Junk is used by the body. Medications are also not made up of anything the body can use so once those are taken our body has to work to filter them and then store their synthetic-ness in our colon. Stress well most people have it, and it is hard to deal with if we are busy. Stress will have the whole body doing crazy things if we dont work to control it. BUT it can be controlled best by eating the right food, getting our health under control so we do not have to be on medications. A body in dis ease is more in dis ease if it does not have the right things in place it needs to function properly. Last, environmental this can be a little harder than stress to avoid since it is hard to determine what you are going to breathe. Lawns being sprayed, spraying for mosquitoes,gas fumes etc. We can control the toxins we put on our body and use in our home, this will take a huge toxin burden off your body if we look to natural products for the home and body.

When the above is in line we have set our body in the best place to begin working to heal. But we have to be mindful of where are body is coming from. Are you super toxic? Have you not #2 for days? Get real and step back and start the cleaning process. Get on a cleanse of eating only fruits and veggies for a week. Drink tons of water with lemon, get a colonic, or give yourself an enema. Do things that will begin to allow the liver to not work over time.  If doing all these things is overwhelming pick one,master it then move to another. Our bodies are so amazing and powerful and work really hard for us even when we treat them poorly. So begin today getting back on track, so you can #2 3xs a day! 🙂


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Author:Sarah Moore

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