The Only Way I’ll Eat It!

Addi collecting eggs with Sam (farm owner)

The past month I went to the Local Community Food Advocates, Agenda for Change, 2011 conference. I took a seat close to the front, little tip from my daddy. He always says you listen better and get noticed when you sit up front. Yeah cause the speakers can see you and eveyone else sees the back of your head :).  I was rather early like most times in my life, and the only one at my table.  A younger gentleman came and sat next to me and we started talking. He said he was a farmer (very cool I thought) and I ask where, and he said Columbia Tn which is very close to were I live. Then I said what do you farm? Grass fed sheep and cattle. Awesome!! My family raises sheep. Not to often do I find someone that is a sheep farmer, let alone my age and is doing it the way I would eat it. I was intrigued and excited!

So the friendship began. He also mentioned he has horses that need attention and I said I have a 3 year old daughter that will give them all the attention they need.  So this saturday we set up an early morning adventure to tour Glendale Farms . Sam says he is more of a grass farmer than a sheep armer. The grass is what the animals live off of so it must be monitored daily and the animals must be rotated thru the fields to continually work the grass, and the ground so it stays “exercised” and aerated. Grass fed animals are the most healthiest way we can consume meat. Grass is what these animals were born to live off of, not corn meal, or GMO soy product. It has taken about 15 years for his livestock to get to a place of being truly grass fed. Where the land is able to feed them, even without hay in the winter!

beautiful sheep enjoying their awesome life!

Sam and his wife Rachel are passionate about raising healthy animals. They have pledged to keep areas surrounding their land available as wildlife habitats. The turkey, deer and many other animals are kept safe on their land along with the cows, sheep and chicken. Through changing their land the soil is much richer, the ground stays more moist and the creek does not dry up like it did before. It truly is a beautiful peaceful place, and I am sure by eating the meat from Glendale Farms you will take in the beauty and the peace.

I look forward to giving you more from Sam and Rachel, and the great things they are doing.  You can contact them now to be in on when their organic chicken, and grass fed sheep will be ready for purchase!

Happy Cows


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Author:Sarah Moore

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2 Comments on “The Only Way I’ll Eat It!”

  1. June 21, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    thanks Sarah! great pics too. Truly enjoyed having you and the family down to the farm. Will keep in touch.

    • June 22, 2011 at 8:19 am #

      Yes, Sam and I can’t wait until you explain what you do way better than myself!!!

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