Turnip Time!

I try to do Meatless Monday when I am remembering it is Monday 🙂  The meat part isn’t to hard since I do not eat a lot of it. This week my cousin Sierra and I (she is staying with us for the summer) are detoxing fruit and veggie style. So I bought some things I might not normally buy so I would have some variety.  Thus the Turnip made it on my plate today. Honestly this is only the second time I have had turnips that I know of. CRAZY I know but I usually am a boring eater, and that is something I am working on.  

Easy does it in my book, so I took purple onion, green pepper, red pepper and the turnips and sautéed them to near perfection ( hehehe). Turnips are a great source of Vitamin C, and turnip greens are even more nutrient dense.  Like all root veggies, they are a grounding food, makes sense because they grow in the ground, and are a root.  It is good to have root veggies when you need to be grounded. Before a big event to help with nerves or when you need to feel a little more balanced.

Do you eat turnips? Did you grow up eating them?  Let me know how you like em!


Coconut Oil

1 Turnip chopped in pieces

1 Red Pepper chopped

1 Green Pepper chopped

Small amount of Purple Onion chopped

Sea Salt and Bragg Herb mix with Kelp


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Categories: Meatless Monday, recipes

Author:Sarah Moore


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