Geez, my feet hurt!

How many times have you gotten home from a day of work or walking all day and just can’t wait to throw your shoes off and have someone rub your feet? Why do we wear shoes that suck for our feet? Duh, cause they look good.

“Charlotte: I could never! I have the most terrible fear of heights!
Carrie: Well, I do not… you’ve seen my shoes.”      – Sex in the City

I used to wear uncomfortable shoes so my legs looked longer, I was taller, and cause they made the outfit. Unlike Carrie, I couldn’t spend the money she did but I did enjoy a nice heel that set the outfit and made me feel extra hot! Well that all changed when I got pregnant the first time.

As I have stated before I loved every minute of being pregnant, I didnt’ have problems until about 8 months with Addison and I had a pinched nerve or something  and the only shoes I could wear were my MBT’s even after being adjusted by the chiropractor. After going for a while with only wearing those I could only switch back to my Yoga Sandals I got from Gaiam. When I would go out with my husband and would attempt a college like outfit I would put one of my heels on, they never made it out of the house . You know the walk around and sit down period you have to make sure your outfit is going to work? Well, I would always make the outfit around my yoga sandles. 🙂

After the yoga sandals and MBT’s I was led to Vibram Five Fingers. I love them, I wore them in the half marathon I have worn them for over a year and want to get another new pair. I have a hard time now buying a pair of shoes that do not serve a purpose. Here is the rundown on my functional shoes!

Yoga Sandals from Gaiam- These are  thongs times 4, all toes are separated. I had my first pair for 5 years and wore them to holes in the soul. The second pair I just purchased, and the straps are adjustable and I really like them.  They take some getting used to but once your toes have adjusted they will be your go to flip flop

MBT’s- Mosabi Barefoot Technology The original, before sketcher shape ups and the others. MBT was leading the way in this type of functional footwear. They make so many styles. I only have two. They aid in balance and posture support and after wearing them for a long period of time ( a day)  you will feel the workout you get in your legs and glutes. These shoes were my savior when I was pregnant.

Vibram Five Fingers or toe shoes as people call them, are just awesome in my book. They take our feet back to how they were meant to be, and allow are body to become more align and balanced. After wearing them for the your first week, you will know what is not balanced in your feet, and may have some discomfort. This will get better as you wear them and your feet balance out.  I love the way my feet feel and how they look! They made it thru a half marathon for me and my everyday wearing.

Does anyone know of a heal that is functional and would look good with a little black dress? If you do I am all over it!   What are your favorite shoes?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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