Probiotics: Not all are the same

What is a probiotic? Probiotics are made up of various strands of good bacteria. This good bacteria, is a must for healthy gut function. Good bacteria protects us against cold and flu along with many other things. It is an immune booster and in my opinion taken daily, especially if you have or are taking an antibiotic.  Antibiotics are suppose to kill the bad bacteria in the body, yet the kill the good also, so the body usually becomes constipated and also creates an environment for candida yeast to flourish.

Now what are some good ways we can get good bacteria in our body?  Fermented foods are great, probiotic drinks such as keifer water, kombucha, keifer milk. We can also get it through yogurt. My only issue is that dairy yogurt unless made raw, is really not the best for our body. We can choose an almond or coconut yogurt.  We can also get probiotics through supplementation. That is going to be more of my focus today. More so what is on the market and why I believe you should not buy them.

Probiotics have been around forever, more so in fermented foods, etc. I have taken a probiotic supplement for a long time. As anything that is good, mainstream, Big Pharma want to jump on the band wagon and have their product that can be prescribed by a doctor or that you can find in a pharmacy.  What is my problem with that? well they are not very good, full of fillers, and they are made to stay on a shelf! Probiotics are a live bacteria and most good probiotics should be refrigerated to remain at optimum potency.  I believe they should have many strands of different bacteria and should be in the trillions CFU (colony forming units). I also believe that it should come from a non raw dairy source and be free of soy, gluten, beef, yeast, eggs. Garden of Life makes a great raw probiotic that is packaged freeze dried and does not need to be refrigerated but does need to stay before under 70 degrees.

What is in the drug stores, such as Walgreens? Align and Culturelle. Both only have one strand of bacteria and are loaded with fillers and binders.  Just check out the labels!   So please add probiotics in your daily food intake. It can be from a fermented food source, a beverage or a good quality supplement. You will have a gut that functions properly, you will have a defense against yeast, and a boost immune system.

ingredient list for Align

Front Marketing...

Culturelle front package

Culturelle ingredient list

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Author:Sarah Moore

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