Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself!

Do ever find that even though you know you are trying really hard and things are going good, you are still hard on yourself? That you forget to take moments of reflection and see how far you have come?  I do this to much to myself, I have this idea of where I should be or where I want to be, and if I am not there I get self defeated and loose momentum. Or sometimes I look at someone else with completely different circumstances and think, why am I not where they are.  I usually try to get myself out of it quickly by putting myself in a state of gratitude and also looking to the future and all the awesome things I will accomplish.

This usually happens to me with my business, but the people I work with, it is happening with them about their health.  Our bodies are super powerful and self healing. Yes, we do self sabotage them by putting bad food in them, talking down to our bodies ( in the mirror, when we are trying on jeans in a dressing room?), and by not doing some form of exercice. BUT the good thing is that whatever damage is done, can be reversed if we choose to let that happen. Look at your car, if something breaks down on it, we dont throw it away and give up on it… NO we get it fixed. Our body is our vehicle to LIFE. Lets work on getting it fixed!

Here are a couple tips to help you along the way:

  •    Set Goals- Set realistic goals for the life you are in now, goals that will still allow you to have balance. If you can’t get to the gym 5 times a week because your kids are involved in activities or your work is to hectic, then start out with just the weekend. IF you find food is your struggle and you are not cooking set out to cook one meal a week.
  • Once you reach a goal, reward yourself. Reward yourself with affirmations, Maybe put the laundry off one more day, or ask your husband to do the dishes for you 🙂 But allow yourself time to reflect and have pride in your hard work.
  • Affirmations. I have placed in many places in my home on a pink paper that says: I have an abundance of respect, clients, money and love. I read this all day everyday and it knocks me out of that self defeating thought and back into one of acceptance and appreciation.

So let this week be the week you begin appreciating yourself more and taking time to reflect on the awesome things you are doing and where you have came.  Self appreciation is part of growth and balance!


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Author:Sarah Moore

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