Confidence: In the gym

In a past life, well not really but about 7 years ago I was a personal trainer while in college. I loved the gym, I had many goals for my body and lifestyle. I would wake up at 4:30 workout, have clients, go to college then go back and train more clients. We would work on nutrition, set up a workout plan, I would educate them on navigating the gym and setting up a plan that worked for and allowed them to be comfortable. Most of my clients were not in a position to come a lot so it was a lot of information for them, but I know they needed more guidance. There was a time I thought I would never wake up and not be in the gym. I loved it. It is where I met my husband it was a part of our life.

Fast forward to now, marriage, running my own business, 2 young children later, the gym is totally not my second home. I had wonderful pregnancies, healthy babies, and was lucky to not have stretch marks. BUT my body turned to mushiness and what was once definition is now, just an arm, and I am still searching for the butt I once had šŸ™‚

I have began to get back in the gym, switch my workouts up to home dvd’s, running some sprints outside, or just pulling the wagon walking with my kids I am reminded as to what it might have been for my clients back when I was a trainer. One I want a trainer, have someone that motivates me and kicks my butt. I also look in the mirror while working out to make sure I have the correct form and work out slowly instead of rushing thru the reps. But getting back to working out has been tough and I am out of shape!

This week as I was jamming between black eyed peas and eric church, I was watching myself in the mirror and the mix of men and women working out on free weights and I thought, why am I able to be here and others want nothing to do with having someone see them in the gym? So here is some of my tips to block out the things that scare us in the gym. Because it is very easy to hide from the gym until you look a certain way, but that should not have to be the case, getting into the gym can be a motivator.

  1. Dont be scared of the mirrors. You are beautiful and amazing everyday, and as you are changing and reaching your goals you need to see that and begin toĀ appreciateĀ that definition in your arms, or the more round firmness to your tush. Embracing your body and the body you want works far more wanders than looking in disgust. I invision how I know my body will look as I continue to reach my goals, and that is who I see in the mirror.
  2. Have some rocking music. I love to have an ipod or my evo with some music that can let me tap my feet in between sets or allow the confident part of me have this moment of excitement for what I am doing. It is also a great way to block out others around and feel as though you are the only one there.
  3. This might seem odd, but begin toĀ appreciateĀ others bodies. My husband and I are body watchers mostly from being trainers and always looking at the way others carry themselves and how some people have awesome arms but maybe larger hips and butt, or she looks like a swimmer ,he looks like a runner, etc. Ā But as you look at others, yeah there might be some that you are envious of or jealous of, but again reframe and look at them for the dedication and hard work they are putting in and feed off their energy. Gain motivation from them. Ā I get soĀ inspiredĀ  when I see others working hard, sweating and enjoying themselves getting healthy, no matter what shape they are in.

The gym can be a fun place but you have to see that everyone is on a journey to better health no matter what shape or size. Do you have any tips that help you have more confidence in the gym?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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