Juice it up!

This weekend my husband and I are going to strictly juice. If you have recently watched and became inspired by Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary by Joe Cross, then you may have already juiced.  We are only doing two days just as a re charge. And also because we can lay around and be lazy if we want since neither of us work on the weekend.

Some Tips about Juicing

Be able to have rest time, as the body detoxes and rejuventates with the juicing you will feel drained, irritable, and many experience headaches. It is good to be able to have rest and quiet time during the first days of your juicing.

Be Prepared. Juicing takes a lot of veggies, way more than you might think so have plenty of your veggies already purchased for about 3 days so you make sure you are successful and have all the things you need available in your fridge.

Pamper: Schedule a massage during your juicing or possibly sit in an in-fared sauna. All are very relaxing and allow your body to continue to refresh and get toxins out.

Cleanse: Juicing is a cleanse in itself but if you want to allow it to go further and get more bang for your buck, schedule a colon hydrotherapy session (or 3) for during your fast. If colonics aren’t your thing, yet 🙂 try an enema.

My favorite Started Juice recipe:

Loads of  Spinach

Loads of Kale

Cucumber ( it gives great juice, very good base)

Small amount of carrots ( carrots are great to use as a sweetener)

1 granny smith apple.


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Author:Sarah Moore


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