Do You Know Your Farmer?

Well, if you don’t you should. I grew up in Indiana and are farmers were our bus drivers they owned the bus, usually were already up and so they had their route. My family raised sheep and my dad was/is a State Farm Agent, so it was small town everyone knew our name kinda place. When I go back home and see the Indiana land of corn and soybeans and I realize in some small towns those with the most money are farmers I start to think about it a little more.  Not to knock on farmers, I am sure some are not even aware what is going on. I think they are the backbone of our country, they work hard and provide food to so many. But, did you know that most conventional farmers are pretty much payroll of Monsanto? Did you know that seed saving is illegal everywhere, so Monsanto can have it’s genetically modified seed planted in every field across the US and Mexico. It is quite disturbing and sad the lengths they go to take down American Farmers who save seeds and want to plant real food. Check out the documentary The Future of Food.

So why do you tell us this Sarah? Well I tell you because I want you to in act change. It is hard to look at a company like Monsanto that has billions of dollars and is in bed with the government. So you say how can we change them? Well I am not about changing anyone else I am about giving you the tools to change yourself  ( if you want) :). This is where knowing your farmer comes into place.  ( I’ll eventually tie it back around) I truly believe when we eat the food that is local, grown without pesticides then we are giving our body the best.

I am doing a multi part series on getting to know your farmer and where your food comes from. Farmers markets are everywhere, small organic farmers are becoming more common. You can be a part of a CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) where you pay to have a basket of fresh fruits and veggies each week and you are in turn supporting that farmer and their efforts to continue growing awesome nutrient dense food and preserving the land with their growing practices. I will talk to a local grass farmer that raises sheep, beef, and chickens. I will introduce you to a local bee farmer, and we will tour one of my local farmers markets.  So starting tomorrow you get to see my awesome interviewing skills (insert sarcasm) and meet who I believe are really making a difference when it comes to the landscape of our food. So get excited, have fun, enjoy and let me know about farmers markets in your area, or if you are someone who contributes to a farmers market with the local food you grow?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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2 Comments on “Do You Know Your Farmer?”

  1. August 22, 2011 at 8:22 am #

    My family has a small farm and I’m actually an Animal Scientist specialized in Animal Breeding & Genetics so this topic is one I’m going to love. Thanks so much for putting this series of posts together!

    • August 22, 2011 at 9:24 am #

      You are welcome Suzanne, I hope you enjoy!

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