If I Had Dementia

Ok, so I am not a dr and I still have a lot to learn, so I am coming at this in a this is what I would do kinda way. Recently Pat Summit head coach of the Lady Vols, announced she has early onset dementia ( early Alzheimer). We are seeing more and more cases of younger Americans getting Alzheimer, why? Why a disease that came a lot later in life is hitting those in their 50s and 60s?  What is so frustrating to me is that is happening and for something that has been around for so long why is there not more of a cure, same with cancer, you mean we have had these cancers for how long and now more people have them than ever before. Oh cause research money went to more drugs to slow it down but not eradicate it. Little tension in my voice, yes. These are the areas I feel that our healthcare system has failed us, more pills instead of going back to proper nutrition and cleaning the body out.

Many diseases like dementia, Alzheimer, MS, Parkinsons, If the person effected did a heavy metal test they would find very high levels of various heavy metals that are cause problems with their brain, aluminum, mercury, arsenic,lead. When someone is also thought to have these diseases they are then sent thru multiple scans, which then add more radiation. When our bodies are doing things that are not normal, when we are ill, sick, etc. usually things are present inside the body that are causing this. Things we do not want in the body. Heavy metals, parasites, worms, toxicity,unwanted waste, all need to be removed to get healthy.

I would start with detoxing. I would detox heavy metals with food such as cilantro and chorella, you can also used modified citrus pectin. These items will work to bind to the heavy metals and allow you to pass them thru your body.  I would also begin to juice. I would give my body a power punch of vitamins and minerals and save as much energy as possible. I would then also cleanse my bowels doing as many colonics as I could pack in a short time, for sure 15 in 30 days. I would also include the sauna and hyperbaric chamber in the equation. If my time and funds were available I would also work on increased blood flow with acupuncture.  Of course the world I am in I have access to these things but if you did not what else could you do?  Avoid products that contain heavy metals, such as your deodorant. Get a kind that is aluminum free.  Remove all aluminum pans you have for baking or any non stick.  It is also thought that fossil fuels such as your gas appliances, and gas heating will add to dementia symptoms.  Finally I would put my self in the least amount of stress as possible. Which can maybe be the hardest part.

So I hope my sisters Idol, who we traveled many miles (IN, to Knoxville) for my sis to attend her basketball camps. I hope she takes a more natural approach so her quality of life is high and her symptoms low. And on a selfish note, I want to see her coach TN Lady Vols to many more championships.




sources: NaturalNews.com, utk.edu


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Categories: Health Education

Author:Sarah Moore


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