Hospital Let Down.

I try to stay in the mind frame that you get what you expect, and maybe that is where it all went wrong. But a couple weeks ago my husband got an infection in his leg that could not be helped with oral antibiotics, his leg was swollen he couldn’t walk on it and of course we were worried. He juiced, took probiotics along with the oral and it didn’t get better. We were then sent to Williamson Medical Center, here in Franklin,TN. We were told to be there at 6 so we could meet with the 3rd party that put in the picc line. He would also get a chest x-ray, and then get his first round of IV antibiotics. Now we are not hospital people, I had my babies at home and have been one other time when Ian cut his hand. I was not excited but I also knew it needed to be done before the infection moved. We are also uninsured so I knew we would get racked with a huge bill.

Well we pay the down payment for our very less than a Comfort Inn stay. We wait and we wait and we wait. We question nurses about what procedure is going to be done, what do these things cost. Is there someone we can talk to?  The conversation went somewhat like this:

Hospital: well it says you should get home health care.

Me: Ok how do we do that. We dont have insurance and would like to do the most cost effective thing.

Hospital: well there is no one here that can help you with that, usually there is a social worker.

3rd party pic line: Well arent’ they on call to help in these situations

Hospital: (while shaking there head) Yeah she wont answer her phone after hours.

This convo went on with the only one giving clarity was the 3rd party.  We had already been told by the very first nurse that was about to leave her shift that we couldn’t do the IV at home and he would probably have to stay for 5-10 to get the IV every 12 hours in the hospital. All I could think then was there is no way. this visit alone was 2500. Are you kidding me.   No one had a clue.  I was trying to work through this because Ian wanted to just get up and leave for the fear of leaving the hospital with a bill we should have for a new car.

Finally, Ian is getting the pic line in and I am asked to leave the room. SO I choose to go into “get shit done” mode and after talking to the Awesome NP at CSFM, I start calling home health places. If the hospital wont help then I will figure it out.  Wow, what helpful nice people each home health care person I spoke to was very sympathetic and very eager to help, and it was at this time around 9pm.  I was given two names, so the NP began to call and I was also getting info.  It was confirmed by two different people that before we were discharged we should be given a discharge coordinator. Someone that could help us with our next step, set up home health etc.  I asked for this and was look at like i was silly.  I could tell I was getting on the nurses nerves because eye contact was no longer given to me, only Ian.  So I asked for her supervisor.  Who let us know she couldn’t do anything, but at least she said that with confidence.  At this point I was tired, frustrated, concerned, disappointed and annoyed.

Annoyed came with myself. Was this what I expected and this is what I got?  Disappointed, with the hospital. I was really hoping that my expectations would be exceeded and I would feel like hey, even if this is costing me a new (used) car at least they were nice, confident and we were handled with great care. I mean we did get 5 hours alone without the kids. Frustrated that we dont have insurance but also frustrated that if we did have insurance they would just do whatever cause I had insurance and I assume no one questions it.  Also on the frustration part, we were freezing so Ian asked for another cover for the bed.  He also said can you get me some water? The nurse said sure, you sure you don’t want a coke? Seriously, why does a hospital even have coke and give it to a patient. Lastly Concerned. This is my husband and all I want is for him to be better, and that is where they “have you by the balls, so to speak” 🙂

So in the end he got his first round, we waited for someone to give us the next step after that was done, and no one did. So I went outside and got a nurse and asked for him to be discharged.  They discharged us with the idea we would come back into the ER as an outpatient and get the next dose. That was not going to happen.  After hearing that home health care nurses are on call 24-7 for the hospital and no one would help us get one, why would we come back.  Our awesome NP, was able to get a hold of IV solutions, send in the prescription and they delivered late Saturday evening and we began protocol from there.

In closing here is what I learned.  Always stay in a mind frame of positivity, and that things will work out the way it is suppose to. I went in thinking it would all go smoothly but subconsciously I was like “crap hospitals and they suck” . If I were in a car wreck, cut my leg off, yes send me there. This situation not so much, and unfortunately when I talk about the story I get the “It doesn’t’ surprise me”  Why doesn’t it? Does the hospital talk to people, have surveys filled out? DO they know their business is not being ran well, and people are wanting to drive into Nashville for better care. Or do they not care and know that insurance is paying anyway so why bother?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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