National Coffee Day!

Who doesn’t like coffee? who has to have it everyday? Do you think about it being healthy or not?  Well today is to celebrate so lets focus on some of its good qualities 🙂   I do think if you feel like you want to treat yourself with some coffee just make sure you drink a lot of water before and after!. I do like having an occasional iced Americano, half decaf with almond milk and vanilla stevia. Exactly what I enjoyed today 🙂

Coffee:  Lets stick with Organic, coffee is highly sprayed with pesticides. Also look for fair trade coffee this ensures that the coffee

you are buying came from workers that were paid fairly for their coffee and treated ethically.

Perking Up:

1. Coffee is full of antioxidants, the caffeine does help to stabilize free radicals

2. In some cases caffiene in coffee can be used for emergency when having an asthma attack, but of course not replaced for medication if that has been required.

3. If a good quality coffee is chosen it can help with diabetes prevention due to antioxidents and minerals. It can also help with tension headaches.

Who knew huh? If you are trying to cut out coffee try Teccino which is an herbal coffee, caffeine and not acidic!

Just remember get that water in!    Enjoy your cup of Joe today!

What is your favorite drink?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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