Do it for the Kids, Do it for you!

Tis the day, the day for your house to be showered with candy, chocolate, all kinds of stuff you cringe at when it is in your presence.  I know I have been there, but not with my kids.  I guess I am lucky in the respect my husband isn’t a big Halloween fan, so we really dont get into the spirit. But how can you deny a cute outfit on your kids. I kinda think Addi takes any chance to get to dress up, but this year she was wavering between, a horse (didn’t know how I would pull that off) a butterfly, and now she has stuck with a red wig that she has worn for 3 days and insists we call her Ariel. Charlie is going to be acowboy but really doesn’t care. 

So what do you do when you are trying to be careful and not eat the junk that is calling your name in the bowl. Well heres an idea and what I have chose to do. Dont buy it.  I dont take the kids tricker treating they get a big joy about the kids that are coming to the door, and they pass out things to them. I bought this year bubbles, playdough,beaded necklaces, and a couple other things. That way when I have left overs it just goes in the craft box.  I have also read on another blog where the mother gives her kids money for their candy when they come home.  Maybe to keep them with the tradition of tricker treating they can get one gift for their candy.  Now my kids do get treats and they are not sugar free by any means. After church yesterday they zoned in on the doughnuts and cookies,and we let them indulge sometimes. But the little candy of Halloween is just more than I want to tangle with. 

Do you care about health on Halloween? What ways do you celebrate? Happy Halloween.



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Author:Sarah Moore

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