Looking for your Libido?

  So I am working during any spare time I have on a boost your libido detox or an under the covers cleanse, I can’t wait to offer it to you. I chose to do this cleanse to mix things up a little and also get you all more rockin in the bedroom.  If you are in a relationship where you were once sexually active, why are you not now?I have asked clients and friends why, some say they just don’t have any juices flowing down there ( not their exact words, but..), they are to tired, their hormones are whacked, along with some others I won’t publish :0

I am not a marriage counselor and my cleanse will not go into anything with marriages. It is designed to present a whole foods, cleansing perspective to boosting your libido. I will offer body image boosting strategies along with introducing you to some amazing superfoods you probably haven’t heard of and for sure haven’t tried to get your juices flowing.  I truly believe if you are balanced, still attracted to your significant other and have at least 5 minutes you can have that spark start sparkling. I also do not believe has to be done with a bunch of pills and supplements I want this to be long lasting not just for the 30 days of supplements.

As a teaser I will leave you this tip. Coconut oil, you all know how much I love it.  Leave it in three places in your home; your kitchen,your bathroom and your bedroom. Throw away those silly lubricants that may help for the moment but create total ciaos for your lady parts later, and use coconut oil!


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Categories: Health Education, sex

Author:Sarah Moore


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2 Comments on “Looking for your Libido?”

  1. January 24, 2012 at 8:39 am #

    Love it!

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