Bathroom Talk…

Often times I will have clients who come in for a colonic and of course we talk about how often they #2 in the bathroom. Once a day is 40% of my clients and 40% is every other day and the remaining 20% falls into the once a week once a month category. Could you image I can’t .  When clients come in that do not go often, usually they will reference their spouse or a family member that eats and lives way worse than they do but goes all the time.  One would think the worse you eat the less you poo and usually that is the case, but sometimes the better you eat (for a period of time) the more constipated you become.  As you continue to eat whole and organic the body detoxes and starts shedding,so to speak, toxicity in the body and it will want to exit two ways.  This is through our skin and bowels. When it is to much and our colon becomes tired and sluggish we will not go as often as we should (3x a day) and will need to have aid from a colonic or enema. I recommend these even if you are going, because there is so much stored waste.
Now onto the time you had a colonsocopy and you went to the bathroom more in your life than ever and you swear there can’t be anything else in there. Well, there is and any colon hydrotherapist can back me up on this.  Our bowels have endured years and years of yuckiness coming through them, remember your first happy meal? Or think back to the first antibiotic you took, this created a nice place for yeast/candida to set up camp and disrupt the good bacteria in your colon.  If we have not worked to restore our intestines, continued to eat good food, stop using chemicals on our skin and clothes, then our bodies are still processing all of these things going through our system and blood stream.  So although you got sick and made the porcelain god your second home, or you drank magnesium and took a vacation in your bathroom, I can bet you that you are not cleaned out and your digestive tract is more inflamed than before.  Get some alkaline veggies ASAP, add some aloe vera to your smoothies, or venture into the world of irish moss and of course get a colonic 🙂 and get your gut health back in order.

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Author:Sarah Moore

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