Goin Back to Cali, to Cali

That I am. Going back to Cali, not sure it will be like L L Cool J sang it in the late 8o’s but that is the first thing that pops into my head… But My heart is exploding I can’t wait,the last time I went was in college 10 years ago and I think I left a bit of my heart there!

HS trip Venice Beach, no doubt looking for cheap jewerly

Stars tour, we were told that was Madonnas house.


HS trip with family, I was in love with Tommy then!








In all seriousness I am going back to California on March 1st. I am attending a nutrition conference in Long Beach. It is put on by the lovely school I attended, Integrative Nutrition what an amazing journey I am on with them. I am starting to do what I  desire for my business, mixing “work” with pleasure. What other jobs let you go to sunny California, and learn from amazing inspiring speakers like David Avacado Wolfe,  let me say I am giddy to see him like I was my first Reba concert. Top authority in Raw food and Superfood nutrition. Primal Blueprint creator, Mark Sisson, will be speaking and I am intrigued to hear his view since the Paleo diet is becoming more and more popular.  Geneen Roth will also educating us on the link between emotions and hunger. You have probably seen her on Oprah, NBC, and 20/20. Along with other amazing nutrition experts we will learn from industry leaders in business growth, personal branding and self expression. I am over the moon about the whole event. To add icing on the cake, I was chose as a VIP blogger for the event, which includes rockstar seating, a ticket to the staff party, and more goodies. Its like when I worked in the music business and had all access lanyards, there is no other way to roll 🙂 I am hoping my name is on a ticket for an iPad, I have been holding out purchasing one cause I feel one is going home with me!

I am taking BNA to LAX on Thursday before the event. I will be couching it with a friend  who grew up in Indiana (where I am from). He is a print and commercial (plus more) actor, you can see his amazingness, pre burp Here . I am in a place of comfort with going. I have my plane ticket I plan on getting a rental car, and enjoying the fresh smell of ocean… and smog.  I will visit Pressed Juicery that is founded by a former IIN grad, visit a couple raw food eateries, see a Chelsey Lately taping, and just really relax. I have been getting Long Beach and LA living social alerts to take advantage of a deal.

It is said we feel drawn to the ocean because the sound of the waves and the wind remind us of when we were in the womb. I believe this and I do not want the ocean to be just a vacation I want it to be a part of my life, and next time I will have my husband and two amazing kids with me. Stay up to date with me here, and on twitter as I rock this Mega event and hope you can feel the power with me through my blog and tweets. Do you love California, beaches and all they offer?  What is your favorite place in LA to eat?


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